Our Top 10 Product Photography Ideas


From experience, I know that one of the challenges product photographers face is coming up with new product photography ideas. During my time working as a product photographer, I have learned to think outside the box. 

Sure, some classic ideas always work. On this page, we are taking a look at my top 10 product photography ideas. 

Top 10 Product Product Ideas

Of course, it is essential to consider the right setting for the product. Photographing skincare is a different concept from photographing large objects such as cars. Still, the objective is much the same. You need to develop creative product photography ideas that make the client’s product stand out. 

1) Hanging Up Products


Hanging or suspending products from a height is a great idea. It is a fantastic way of displaying products.

The other day, I was asked to photograph re-fill packaging for a skincare company. Re-fill products are becoming increasingly popular. To add drama, I suspended the refill packaging over the original container. I opened it up and showed the liquid going into the original packaging. 

The photo immediately tells a story which is important when it comes to product photography. You can hang up almost anything from apparel to jewelry. It is up to you how you treat the image. You can make it funny or try a different theme. Just remember to stick to the brief. 

2) Shooting From Different Angles

I have to admit that this is one of my product photography ideas. Shooting from different angles is useful when you need to take many photographs of the same product. Shooting from unusual and unexpected angles works a treat when you have a whole page to fill on sites such as Etsy and Shopify. 

Take a look at Shopify, and you will notice many Shopify images look boring. Making them look more fun and interesting help to sell the product. 

3) Macro-Shots Are Great


Macro photography is a great way of capturing product details. Featuring macro photographs on your web page or catalogue of high-quality products such as watches or jewelry ad value to a product. 

You are letting the customer see the product in more detail. If you get the image right, prospective buyers realize how much work has gone into the product. 

That is one of my top tips for catalogue sites or large posters. One of the essential Product Photography components when it comes to macro photography is getting the light right. 

4) Show the Product in An Usual Setting

Another of my top 10 product photography ideas is showing the product in an unusual setting or used differently.

Let me give you a few ideas that you can try. For instance, when photographing a bottle of branded shower gel or hair shampoo, you can try incorporating splash photographySplashes will add life and movement to the image. In doing so, you create interest. 

Splash photography is also a great way of adding interest to beverage photography. You may have to do some digital editing when you have finished. However, the finished product certainly looks different. 

5) Photo Manipulation Software

our top 10 product photography ideas

If you are currently using photo editing software such as Adobe, you already know that you can create unusual product photography ideas and concepts. 

The great thing about editing software is that you can add graphic design images to support the story you are trying to in your photograph. At the same time, I can’t stress how important it is to take a good quality photograph. 

Yes, it is fun to add graphics and manipulate background settings, but don’t lose sight of the fact the original image still matters. 

6) Adding An Interesting Background

When it comes to adding interest, there are two basic ways of doing so. 

Yes, you can get your computer out and add a background in Adobe or any other photo manipulation software. The alternative is to work outside. As a photographer, you can learn a lot when working in natural light

Some products are better photographed outside than others. Sunglasses and sporting gear look great in a natural setting. Scout the local area and see if you can find locations that work with your product photography ideas. Make a note of them. That way, you have a directory of locations when you need them. 

7) Keeping the Background in Focus

our top 10 product photography ideas

We have just talked about making the background more interesting. When it comes to food product photography ideas, this is a concept that you may want to try. 

I love making food photography exciting. You can make food look interesting in many ways. One thing that I think many product photographers forget about when they photograph food is focusing on the ingredients. 

What spices have gone into the food? I like to have the spices and other ingredients that go into making a dish in the background of a photograph. If you are dealing with a base product, you can also add products that work as serving suggestions to the image. 

8) Placing Products On A Reflective Surface

Placing products on a reflective surface adds interest and depth to an image. That does not mean you have to use a mirror. Photographing beauty products using a mirror works well. But on other occasions, other ideas work just as well.

Here are some of my top product photography ideas when it comes to working with reflections:

● Using light coming from underneath the glass
● Reflections in water
● Black or dark reflections

9) Unique Display Stands

As far as product photography ideas go, you can use anything from old boxes to glass cases that catch the light. Working and photographing with props is an essential part of product photography. You very seldom photograph a product on its own. 

Talking about props, adding live models to your images also makes a photograph come alive.

10) Add A Personal Touch

Which of my product photography ideas do I think works the best? I love nothing better than to get experimental and try new product photography ideas.

Think about yourself as an artist. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different ideas. Social media platforms are a great help. You can also look at the way other product photographers have handled similar projects.

Final Thoughts

With the help of your imagination and a bit of creative thinking, you are not going to run out of product photography ideas.

I love creating new and exciting product photography ideas. Sometimes, it is fun to take time out and check out what new creative ideas other photographers are using. You don’t have to have an assignment, just take some time out and find out what others are doing.

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    I just finished reading “Our Top 10 Product Photography Ideas,” and I’m seriously inspired! Your creativity and the variety of techniques you’ve shared have given me a whole new perspective on how to approach my own product photography. Each idea is unique, and I can see how they would make any product stand out.

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