5 Tips to Make Your Food Photography Better

5 tips to make your food photography better
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Capturing the essence of food through photography is definitely a form of art! When photographing food, it is important for you to give your audience a sense of what a food item looks like, smells like, and even tastes like. At first, this may sound like a daunting task.

However, there are many easy steps you can take to take the perfect image of the items of food you are hoping to show or even sell.

Taking quality photographs of food is more intricate of a process than just pointing and shooting. In order to take compelling images, you must take a few things into consideration.

For example, what is the best angle for you to take when photographing your product? How can you arrange the food to look more appealing to your audience?

These questions, and more, are important to consider! Here are five tips to make your food photography better

Center of Attention

No, this doesn’t mean that your food product has to always be in the very center of the photograph. However, it should be the center of attention.

Remove any distracting backgrounds or alternative items from the image so that the food you are photographing will become the center of your audience’s attention.


Whole and in Pieces

For the majority of products, showing your food item as a whole and then in pieces is a wonderful way to entice your audience!

This strategy shows your audience what the product looks like before it is cut into, and then it demonstrates to them what the inside looks like once they begin eating.

Capture the Color

Whether your food product has delicious plum and blue coloring or even chocolatey brown hues, there are a variety of strategies you can use to capture the yummy colors of the food.

When photographing, consider your lighting you are using and if it is enhancing the colors or drowning them out.

Even after an image is taken, you can use color correction to enhance the tones that are already there. For more tips, you can visit our article about How to Shoot the Best Product Photography.

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Perfect Product Angles

Just like people, food products and items have angles that are better photographed than others. Take a look at the food you are photographing, and determine which sides and angles look the best. In addition, it is always a great idea to take images of your subject from various angles!

Take a look at our 10 Key Steps to Perfect Flat Lay Photography.

Enticing Arrangements

While you want your main food item to be the center of attention, it is also a good idea to add in other products to compliment the original focal point.

For example, adding a slice of lemon next to your lemon pound cake will only enhance the image itself!

Of course, you wouldn’t want to pose your lemon pound cake next to a slice of pizza. So, make sure you are choosing your garnishments and complimentary items wisely.

Final Thoughts

There is a trick to posing and photographing food in a way that entices an audience to take action!

Whether you are selling food products in your online store or trying to encourage readers to use your favorite recipe, it is important to stimulate your viewer’s senses.

Great food photography allows the audience to smell, taste, and even feel the texture of the food in the image!

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