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A Hero Shot is the very first, ‘out of the gate’ representation of a company’s brand, product or service and is our premier service package we offer all our valued clients. Our Hero Shots include our classic on white service package enhanced with higher resolution, Special angles, elaborated touch up and transparencies. Most people are quite responsive to visual cues, so when it comes to your product brand, packaging, and advertising, Hero Shots are the perfect solution for you.

For practical purposes, the overall clarity of an image is dependent upon its spatial resolution. With that said, here at Pro photo Studio our Hero Shot images are increased near to 4 times in size to present with maximum clarity. What this means is each image is downloaded off our camera at 7360×4912 pixels (and that’s BEFORE it’s cropped). Final prints range in size from 24″ at 300 DPI up to 48″ at 150 DPI.
Companies need to showcase their products at peak levels to their potential clients. Manufacturing errors in product prototypes, however, can misrepresent a product or brand and be quite harmful to your business. When you choose our Hero Shots to rest assured our experts demonstrate the utmost skill and experience in correcting those errors, whether damaged box corners, mold seams, or crooked labels, and help boost the visibility of your products and brand.
With our premium Hero Shots package, we include PNG format transparencies that can be easily integrated into your product brand and design.

When are Hero Shots a better option than standard lifestyle product photography?

It’s a question we here a lot, and we’ve used our experience to come up with an answer. We recommend Hero Shots for products that will primarily be sold on the Amazon marketplace. We also recommend this type of photography when it will be the sole photo is a shopping listing, and when a high-resolution photo is needed. Another specific time we recommend hero shots is when a product will be closely scrutinized by buyers. With hero shots, there are no questions regarding product packaging or advertisements.

Groups compiled with more than 2 pieces and items exceeding 2 feet quoted extra.

Interested in saving even more? This service is also available as part of our Amazon product photography packages.


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