Lifestyle Photography

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What is Lifestyle photography?


The online retail market is extremely competitive, and retailers only have a few moments to entice buyers to check out their products. One way to do this is to use photos that promote a certain lifestyle. Something that is relatable to customers.


We understand this and create photos that draw people in and encourage them to learn more. We combine a variety of elements to create a visual impact that leaves an impression. Props, dramatic lighting, textured surfaces, and even some stock photos can be used together to create a visual aid that relates to customers. To get a better understanding of what lifestyle photography is, check out our portfolio examples.


Lifestyle photography arrangements


Lifestyle photography consists of small, specific arrangements that usually fit on a small, flat surface. If something more intricate is desired, such as full-body models, large sets or backgrounds, travel outside the studio, or background construction, it’s not included with this service, but we’d be happy to go over more in-depth options including our stock photo compilations (see below). With tools and experienced talent at our disposal, no project is too big or too small.



Custom quotes starting at $399 per photo

Groups compiled with more than 2 pieces and items exceeding 3 feet quoted extra.

Interested in saving even more? This service is also available as part of our Amazon product photography packages.

Small sample of our Lifestyle Photography

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