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Why photographing Glass is so hard? 

Photographing Glass Photography as an art highly depends on one's ability to think outside the box. Creativity might be the extra edge needed to capture the true beauty of an object. Of the many obstacles associated with this field, photographing glass ranks high.  ...

How to sell on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is an Amazon service that allows subscribers access to a two days free delivery for eligible purchases. It also gives access to screen streaming video, music and so on. However, the subscription is paid for, either monthly or yearly.

Selling a product on Prime makes a big difference. As you may already know, selling on Amazon FBA is one of those risk-free and effortless ways to earn from the comfort of..

How to Photograph Jewelry on a Budget

Do you want your jewelry to stand out in the jewelry market? It is possible to do so and better still, do it on a budget. You can achieve this by making use of great quality jewelry photography.   Avoid bad jewelry photos which will make editors, buyers, and customers...

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