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In a few sentences please describe what the company is about and how it has grown from the beginning.

We started Drop Supplements a few years ago because we couldn’t find what we were looking for on the market: easy to take liquid vitamins that are free from artificial and fillers.

In a matter of 2 years, we started with one product and a few orders a week to now selling 3 products on Amazon and our website, appearing in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Magazine, and Health Magazine.


What were some major obstacles that faced the business as it was starting out and growing?

As a family-owned business with no prior experience in the supplement industry, we learned quickly the challenges we would be facing.

Taking 2 years just to get the formulas how we wanted, dealing with batches of broken inventory, and learning the ropes on selling in a competitive marketplace like Amazon, it has been trial and error for us. However, we see all of these challenges as opportunities to grow and learn exactly how we can make our products better for our customers.


How did acquire professional product images from
Pro Photo Studio overcome some of these challenges and
increase your brand identity?

Selling supplements on Amazon is incredibly difficult and competitive. However, getting professional images of our products done by Pro Photo team has changed the game for us.

The first thing that customers look at in a listing is the main photos of your product, and if they aren’t professionally done, they will, unfortunately, click away. Having these photos done has made us stand out in a sea of products by having professional, clean, high-quality images.

The Result

Having these images has taken our brand to a level of professionalism we would have otherwise never reached. In the past year of having our products on Amazon with these main photos, our sales have increased by almost 150%. Having high-quality images gives customers trust in your brand and Pro Photo Studio team has provided us with that.


During these difficult times, people are turning to shop online for what they need, now more than ever. It’s hard to know which brands to trust or buy when you can’t physically pick them up in the store.

However, having a firmly branded business and photography that shows your brand’s professionalism and quality will be a game-changer in years to come and Drop Supplements is very excited to have Pro Photo Studio to help with that.

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