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We live in a visual world with
90% of information that
comes to the human brain
being visual. Studies
have shown also that online
shoppers are first engaged by
the visual elements of the
e-commerce site.

“Quality images certainly grab and hold their attention, shaping their first impressions while creating a tipping point as to whether they will stick around and eventually make a purchase. That is why product photography is a crucial success factor for any online store.”

Professional Product Photography

As commercial product photographers we aim at presenting each product in a unique, attractive and presentable manner. These photographs can be used certainly for marketing and guiding buyers.

Through product photography, we aim to:

  • Represent the products without any form of distortion
  • Presenting the product in custom lighting while other factors such as shadows and reflection won’t have any impact
  • Maintain consistency in the appearance of the products

Achieving these goals requires high levels of skills and years of experience. Furthermore,  photograph that achieves all the above goals can be used on any material, including brochures and catalogs. They can also be used for advertising in digital media.

Our Studio has all the expertise and tools needed to produce excellent images to drive store engagement and improve customer conversion, retention, and lifetime value. We are detail oriented to ensure that every photo tells a story about your product, and that our quality of work accurately and attractively represents your products.


We have an impressive portfolio in commercial photography. We have worked with both small and global brands. One renown personality that we have worked with is Britney Spears. Our head photographer and founder Tsour Lee Adato used to be the pop star’s personal photographer and videographer. His images were featured in major magazines.

Our images have been featured throughout media outlets; working with major brands such as: Adidas, Macy’s, HSN, TP-Link, Costco, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Richline and many more.

Professional Product Photography

As much as we consider photography to be fun and enjoyable, we conduct our business professionally. After all, we are professional commercial photographers. Our levels of professionalism can be seen from your first contact with our photographers, from customer service to the final delivery of your image.

We write clear and concise agreements before working on any project. Once the terms and conditions have been met, we will commence with the project. We extend our professionalism to the way that we handle the payment issues. We understand all the payment and invoicing terms that we should use.


We take pride in the level of creativity our photographers produce. We feel it gives our images a step up over competitors.

Clear Communication

For any project to be successful, there must be a clear communication channel between our studio and our clients. The same applies to photography. We maintain a seamless communication protocol with our clients. This goes a long way in ensuring that they are fully satisfied with the quality of our work. To keep you up to date with the progress that we are making. What’s more, we are open to receiving suggestions from them.

We work as partners

We strive to establish a cordial relationship with our clients. We treat them as partners rather than just ordinary customers. A healthy relationship with our clients enables us to handle all the projects personally. We don’t become money-driven, but instead, we aim at nurturing the relationship.

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