From a simple white background catalog
photography to a magazine, banner, or any social
media photography leaders in the industry for
clothing photography.

Looking for the Best Apparel Photography?

We provide top-quality apparel photography services for eCommerce brands.

apparel photography | pro photo studio

Ghost mannequin

This option helps customers visualize how the apparel clothing will fit them.  

apparel photography | pro photo studio

Flat lay

This is the perfect option for classic apparel style &  fits, like T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatpants.

apparel photography | pro photo studio

Ghost mannequin

Show your apparel in a stack! Use this image for products of the same style in various colors.

We Photograph Your Clothes

Do you sell clothing?

If you do, high-quality pictures can be all the difference between keeping your business afloat and having it sink. But photographing your clothing can be expensive and time-consuming. Even worse, if you don’t hire a professional, your photos might not leave the best impression on your customers.
We provide professional quality photos of your clothing, giving them the presentation they need to sell well.
apparel photography | pro photo studio

Choosing your angles

On our order form, there is a section to choose from many angles.
Do not see the angle you are looking for? Upload reference images
within our order form and we can use them during the shoot!

Enhance Your Presentation

Online, impressions are everything.

People literally have millions of choices, and you have a limited amount of space to convince them your product is the best.That’s why images are so powerful. A good image will showcase your item and professionally reflect your brand.  When you use our clothing photography services, you will be getting high-quality photos that present your photos in the best possible way.

Our Photo Styles

Want to know which photo types you can choose from?

Take a look at our different options below.

Ghost Photography

Have you ever seen a picture in which the clothing appears to be on a mannequin, but no mannequin is visible? We call this ghost photography, and it’s one of our favorite ways to take photos.  When you use this type of photography, your potential client can see how the material drapes on a body. It gives a more full picture of what they can expect.

Flat lay

We can also produce flat imaging of your clothing.  In these photos, your clothing appears as if it is laid out on a smooth surface. This style is perfect for classic articles, such as hoodies and sweatpants.


Want to evoke that fresh-off-the-shelves feel? Order this style. When you do, we present an image of your clothing folded in a stack. This is great for when you have different colors of the same item and want to showcase all of them at once.

We can also photograph your clothing from different angles. Just specify what you would like on your order form.
apparel photography | pro photo studio
apparel photography | pro photo studio
apparel photography | pro photo studio

How to Order

Simply fill out our order form with all of your specifications.

Before you order, you can sign up for a monthly subscription. We offer different subscription prices and payment plans to fit within your budget. Select the one that best fits you and your business, and you’ll be ready to take full advantage of our services.

Get Your Photos Today!

If you run an online clothing retail store, you cannot afford not to have high-quality images on your website.  Professional photos communicate to your customer that you are a polished and worthwhile brand, and they will be more motivated to purchase from your website.

So don’t wait! Get your photo order in today!


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