Ring lights for product photography

Ring Lights: Are They A Good Lighting Choice For Product Photography?

Millions of V-loggers around the world love their ring lights. Are ring lights for product photography a good idea? 

When you are just setting up as a product photographer, ring lights are perhaps a little bit on the expensive side. That being said, they are certainly a worthwhile investment. 

The reason ring lights for product photography are so great, is because you can put your lens through them which more or less eliminates any glare or shadows. When you are working with live models, ring lights will help to give your subject a natural healthy glow. 

Of course, there are many other forms of studio lighting for your product photography studio as well. You can even buy product photography kits online or in specialist stores. However, ring lights are becoming increasingly popular. 


What Is A Photography Ring Light? 

ou have probably seen ring lights in stores or on sites such as Amazon or etsy online store. . They are circular lights powered by LED or fluorescent light. In many ways, they look like a circular UFO mounted on a stand.

Size-wise, they range in size from 12, 14, and 18-inch diameter, but other less common sizes are available from specialist outlets.

One of the reasons ring lights for product photography have become so popular is due to their mobility. They are easy to move around when compared to other studio lights.

The main advantage of investing in ring lights for product photography compared to light boxes, is that you can put your camera through them in the center of the light source. The end result is a very clear crisp and bright photograph.

Originally, ring lights were produced as a lighting source for the beauty industry. You often see them in beauty saloons and in dressing rooms. They produce a natural-looking light which is the perfect choice when you want to apply makeup. 

It was not until selling products online became popular, product photographers realized that they could make use of this wonderful light source to photograph products in almost instantaneous natural lighting conditions. 

If you only have a small home studio, ring lights for product photography are almost the perfect solution. However, you should also take the time to learn about other lighting techniques and how to work with light. 


Why Do So Many Product Photographers Like To Work With Ring Lights?

Ring lights for product photography are great because they are so flexible. You simply set up the light a pre-determined distance away from the subject and instantly achieve consistent beautiful lighting. 

The other reason so many photographers like to work with ring lights is due to their circular design. Instead of having to “work around” studio lights, all you do is to put your camera through the circle of light and snap away. 

Another reason why photographers from a variety of genres like ring lights, is because they almost eliminate glare and shadows. Both glare and shadows are the photographer’s worst enemies. They are hard to eliminate and you often have to spend time in post-production software to achieve the right effect. In other words, investing in ring lights for product photography can save you time. 

If you take a look at the design of a ring light, it will not take you long to appreciate that thanks to its circular design, it will expose every part of the product to light. At the same time, ring lights will also separate from the background. The final result is a clear crisp image that shows off the product.

What Are The Benefits of Using Ring Lights For Product Photography?

ring lights for product photography

Ring lights are a very versatile lighting source when it comes to working with any type of product. You can use them when you are photographing watches as well as beauty products. 

They are great when it comes to photographing apparel or clothes as they make colors really pop. 

When you are just getting into product photography, ring lights are a perfect choice. You may pay a little bit more, but when you are starting out, ring lights for product photography are certainly a good investment. 

Unlike other lighting options for photography, ring lights distribute the light evenly. That makes it easy for you to work with light.

Soft lighting quality is important when it comes to working with live models. The soft light quality that they omit is very pleasing to the eye.

Where Can I Buy A Ring Light? 

Ring lights are beginning to pop up a little bit everywhere. As so many vloggers use them, you can even buy them in phone stores. An alternative choice is to visit your local photography store and discuss your requirements with a specialist.

If you don’t have a store selling ring lights for product photography in the local area, you can buy them online from stores including Amazon and specialist online photography stores.

What Are The Best Ring Lights For Product Photographers For Newbies?

You can certainly get excellent value for money when you shop around for ring lights. 

When you are just starting out as a product photographer, you are probably keeping a close eye on your business budget and finances. 

Bear in mind that you can always upgrade to a larger ring light later or add to your collection of ring lights for product photography. Starting out with a 10-inch ring light is a good option when you are setting up your business. 

Not all ring lights come with stands but many of them do. It is a good idea to buy one that comes with a stand. 

When you are thinking about investing in ring lights for product photography, there are a few things that you should pay attention to. 

It is important to buy a ring light model with different levels of brightness and lighting modes. As you will know, not all products photograph well in the same light. It is therefore important that you have a flexible lighting source. 

You also want to consider buying a ring light that comes with a stand or holder in the center of the ring of light. That makes it easier for you to work with the light and produces much better photographs helping you to avoid camera shake. 

Size matters as well. A 10-inch light is great for smaller products such as photographing skincare products

An 18-inch light is a much better lighting source when you need to photograph larger products. Another advantage of a larger ring light is that it becomes easier for you to put your camera or camera lens through the ring. 

When you put your camera through the ring, the light completely surrounds the lens. That gives you the opportunity to produce fantastic shots and reduces glare along with far few shadows. 


How Much Does A Ring Light Cost? 

Ring lights for product photography vary in price a great deal. While you can probably pick up a basic ring light for around $30, a more realistic budget would be between $100 to $200. 

The more features your ring lights has, the more advanced product photography assignments you can take on. 

How Do I Set Up My Ring Light? 

Setting up and using a ring light is relatively simple. It is one of the few studio photography lighting options that can have you up and running in minutes. 

First, you need to unpack all of the relevant equipment from the box. Make sure that you pay attention when you attach the light to the stand. If you drop it, the LED or fluorescent lights will explode into a million pieces. 

Most ring light kits come with a manual explaining the set-up process. Take your time and don’t rush it if this is your first time setting one up. 

Before you plug the light in, make sure that you have screwed it on securely onto the stand. If the light is cold from being outside in cold temperatures, you need to make sure that it reaches room temperature before you switch it on.

Once your ring light is ready to go, it is time to start playing around with your new toy. Find out what camera lenses work best with your new light. 

To work with the light, you place your camera in the middle of the circle of light. Make sure that your lens is completely surrounded by light. 

Can you shoot video using a ring light? Product videos are becoming very popular. Ring lights produce high-quality video. That is why they are so popular with V-loggers on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Tik-Tok.

Look out for the latest version of ring lights. Many of them feature handy options including Bluetooth. Make sure that your choice of product photography camera supports Bluetooth.

Final words

Using ring lights for product photography is a great idea. With such a huge range available, you are spoiled for choice.

The best thing about ring lights is their ability to produce aesthetically pleasing lighting for almost any product shot. The final image will not only look clearer, but it will stand out from the background. When you invest in ring lights for product photography, you will need to spend far less time in post-production fixing annoying problems such as shadows.

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