Intro to Perfect Product Photography to Entice Your Customers

intro to perfect product photography to entice your customers

Many people think of photography as a portrait or maybe a scenic landscape, but in reality, it’s much more than that. One of the most common day types of photography that we see is in the commercial world: product photography. And it is in very high demand since the Internet and online shopping has become so dominant.

Many businesses will try their hardest to get potential customers to buy their products from their online stores. The competition in this market is fiercely competitive, and a business needs to set their brand apart in order to win. One of the way to get the best product photography they can.

With the help of a professional photographer, they can get an image that attracts attention and catches people’s eyes when they are scrolling through their social media or website. If a potential customer likes what they see, they are much more likely to buy!

Product photography is essential to get sales from potential clients. Here we want to help you get some of the best product photography tips to achieve even more success! These are some basic guidelines that you can follow to take your product photography to the next level. So let’s get started!

Take High-Quality Pictures


intro to perfect product photography to entice your customers

I know, this one may seem a little obvious, but hear us out. To have great product photography, your actual images need to be of high quality. By taking some basic training and upgrading to some slightly better equipment, most people can achieve some great results and avoid any blurry or pixelated images and produce high-resolution photos that drive more sales.

You will also start to learn what types of backgrounds to choose so that the products are best featured and the main focus. Some simple concepts to focus on are off-camera flash, depth of field, composition theory, and color theory.

Different Views and Storytelling

When taking product photos, it is crucial to tell a story. You should always try and give your customers many different views of your product. Whether you sell home decor, pet supplies, or shoes, try and think about what your clients will want to see.

Remember that they can’t physically pick up and view your product, and your photos are the only way they can see what they are buying. This is why taking multiple different pictures from all sorts of angles is the best way to present a product as best as possible.

You should also try and show the texture and material that the product is made of. Prepare your product as best as possible by trying to get rid of anything you can, such as dust, smudges, or wrinkles. Customers can always spot an imperfection! If a photo is taken correctly with different views and a lot of detail, customers are likely to trust and purchase from you.

Have Great Backgrounds


intro to perfect product photography to entice your customers

Having a good background is essential for great photos. Many people struggle with this part, but you should always strive to keep the background as clean and straightforward as possible. Remember that the product should be the star of the show, not anything else in the picture.

A clean white background can be very effective and can give you plenty of contrast. Do not be afraid of experimenting with other background choices and styles, either. Just remember to keep it in line with your product!

Show Products in Use


intro to perfect product photography to entice your customers

Another way you can encourage customers to purchase a product is to show how the product is used. In addition to simple “studio” shots, you can also include some “lifestyle” shots that show the product in use. Used in conjunction with happy and energetic people wearing or using the product, potential customers can then more easily imagine themselves also using it.

It is always important to show customers that whatever you are selling can help improve their lives for the better. If a customer can see themselves using it, or all of the benefits they will receive by using it, they will want that for themselves and hit that buy button.

Add Images to Search

After you have taken plenty of quality images of your product, you should then ensure that they show up when searching for that product on your site. While it may be a long and tedious project, it can help to boost your web-based traffic.

Customers are much more willing to click on images instead of typing out the rest of a search entry, and thanks to pictures, they can find what they are looking for much faster. Photos always attract a person’s attention much faster and easier than any written words can!

Use Your Images to Market Your Product


intro to perfect product photography to entice your customers

In addition to adding your images to the product search on your site, you should use them heavily in your marketing as well. Whether it is social media, paid ads, or even print advertising, quality photos will help the product sell itself.

A recent study has shown that we as humans only retain around 10% of information that we hear three days later, but can retain up to 65% when it is correlated with a photo. A quality image will stay on customers’ minds longer and help bring in even more potential clients!


It is no secret just how vital quality product photography truly is. But while finding the right words to describe your product properly may be a bit challenging, getting quality images of your product does not have to be overly complicated or difficult.

Hiring a professional product photographer can fast track the entire process, and you can easily have stunning photos of your product that entice your customers to buy. By following a few of these simple guidelines, you can grow as a business and hopefully increase your skills and revenue!


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    I never realized how important product photography is until I read this post. It truly makes a difference in the way consumers perceive a product.

  2. avatar of etuzolexazd

    The idea that quality photos can boost conversion rates is a game-changer for e-commerce businesses.

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