Tips To Up Your Instagram Photo Game

Tips To Up Your Instagram Photo Game


tips to up your instagram photo game

Whether you have an individual or business Instagram page, creating an engaging feed can feel like a full-time job. The top IG accounts don’t get that way without a ton of hard work – most of which is centered on the photography.

The most visual of all the social media platforms, Instagram photos are the reason people scroll. The better the photos, the more people will linger on an account page. For sales-oriented accounts, photo quality can mean the difference between money in your pocket or potential customers that just scroll on by.

Here are a few tried and true tips to up your Instagram photo game. 

Put Together a Plan


tips to up your instagram photo game

An Instagram account worthy of tons of follows doesn’t happen overnight and not without a plan of attack. Whether you are a business or an individual, this is essential to get eyes on your account.

Figure out what you hope to gain from your feed. Is its clout? Is it sales? Both? Once you know what your goal is, then you can put together a plan to make it happen. If you want clout, then it’s all about engagement.

The more interesting your content and the more you engage with others, the more your clout will increase. Bonus points if you can garner the interest of others with tons of followers (which is why celeb interactions send regular accounts into the social media stratosphere). 

If its product sales you’re after, then photo quality IS the plan. Selling via Instagram is all about how much you can generate urgency for a product. This happens with great photography that makes the product in question seem irresistible.

Use Professional Product Photography


tips to up your instagram photo game

So, if sales are the goal and you want your account to make you some money, then product photography should be your first area of focus.

Go ahead and trash any future plans to take product photos with your camera phone and hire a professional product photography company ASAP. Ideally, you’ll want a company that specializes in this service so they can make your products look ah-mazing. 

Yes, this is an investment of time and money. But if you’re really trying to move the products you’re selling on your Instagram page, then quality photos are essential.

Professional photography just makes your products look better. The better they look, the more people will feel like they HAVE to have what you’re selling. 

Hire a Photography Company With Social Media Experience


tips to up your instagram photo game
Professional photography can really up your Instagram game, but it bears noting that the photographer you choose should have experience shooting for social media, especially Instagram. 

It’s a different game than say, traditional advertising because the needs of social media photos are different. A good product photography company with social media experience will know that you need a mix of product shots on various backgrounds, vertical and horizontal positioning, overhead shots and straight ahead angles, etc. 

This mix is important in your ability to effectively use the tools available on Instagram to make your content look good. 

Also, editing is essential. Ask your photography company about editing options; it might be a bit extra, but it will certainly save you time later when you’re ready to post your photos. 

Make Your Feed Consistent


tips to up your instagram photo game

If you have several great-looking photos, followed by a few duds, users are likely to be turned off by your account entirely and scroll on by.

Consistency is the key to a great social media feed. Delete bad photos or those that may not show you and your products in the best light.

If you have a large cache of photos, ask a professional photographer to do one big shoot with as many of them as possible. This creates a consistent look to your AI product photography and ensures quality for each shot.

Mix Up Your Feed


tips to up your instagram photo game

No one wants to see the same thing on an account all the time. Even if you travel all over the world, all location shots all the time become redundant after a while if that’s all your audience ever sees.

The key to a great photo-driven feed is to keep your audience interested. The rule of thumb for a solid Instagram feed is a mix of product shots (if you sell something), location images, a few bloopers, people, and trending topics. 

Follow Back


tips to up your instagram photo game

The best Instagram accounts are those with high levels of engagement. This allows you to share images of your product with other accounts and have them do the same. This engagement only happens when you more than just post about your own stuff. 

Follow relevant accounts based on your interests, the products you sell, your industry or your network. Engage with these accounts with comments, likes and follow suggestions. 

Take Advantage of IG Ad Opportunities


tips to up your instagram photo game

If you have a business account, utilize the sponsored ad opportunities. They are relatively inexpensive, tend to bring tons of eyeballs to your products, and will get you more followers on your page. 

However, this comes back to the reason professional product photography is essential. There’s nothing worse than an Instagram ad that has the potential for tons of traction only to be a dud because the photos were boring and uninspired. 

If you plan to do an Instagram ad campaign, make sure your product photography is on point first. 

Schedule Everything


tips to up your instagram photo game

If you’re trying to keep up with content posts daily, chances are, life will happen and you’ll miss a day or rush a post.

Pick a day every week or two and schedule content accordingly. You can always switch it up if you need to cancel a post or accommodate a timely trend or news story. 

The most popular Instagram feeds are the ones that have planned out content well in advance, giving them time to properly edit photos, generate creative captions, and time their posts to get the highest level of engagement. 

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