To Shoot Or Not To Shoot- 10 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Product Photography

Ecommerce is without a doubt one of the most promising and lucrative ventures in today’s business world. Product photography plays a huge part of that. There are so many opportunities ranging from drop- shipping niches and affiliate marketing gigs to online shopping platforms for you to sell your stuff on. However, ecommerce isn’t all fun posts and dollar bills. There is too much competition out there for you to relax. One of the best ways to give yourself a leg up is by investing in smart and effective marketing techniques, such as product photography. In this case nothing can quite match the perks you get from product photography. Below is all you need to know about the many benefits of this strategy whether you are selling cupcakes or marketing a holiday package.

Product photography?


Product photography is not exactly a term that needs much explanation. It is simply taking photos of products you intend on selling or marketing. These are meant to complement written reviews and product descriptions on both online and print ads. Clearly, it isn’t rocket science.

However, it is not as simple as getting that pair of sneakers you’re selling, taking a random photo with your phone and calling it a day.

Product photography is an art where things like lighting, positioning, angles and so much more are taken into consideration. With this much attention to detail, you can turn something as simple as a photograph into a powerful marketing weapon that will have your competition eating dust.
10 perks you have to look forward to
So what exactly are the benefits of ecommerce photography?

1. It increases interest in the product

More often than not, online shoppers do not know exactly what they are looking for until they find it. Maybe they want a new laptop but have no idea what brand or model to go for. It is important for you to take advantage of this by getting them interested in what you have to offer. Well taken photographs go a long way to help you here by getting your potential customer interested. If they like the photo, they are more likely to pay attention to your other content including product descriptions that will allow them to make a decision.

2. It tells more about the product than most descriptions

Everyone knows the saying a picture is worth a thousand words’ but not many seem to understand how true it is. A good product photograph comes in handy with marketing as it allows your clients to get a better understanding of what they are buying. It isn’t enough to tell them about the colors, design and dimensions. Let them see it for themselves. This allows them to better understand the product which will definitely work in your favor.

3. It allows your clients to appreciate the variety available

This benefit is easy to pick out with Amazon listing photos and others from similar online shopping websites. If you are selling products that appear similar on paper then sometimes the best way to allow clients to distinguish them is through photography. This highlights the fact that in addition to high quality you have a lot of variety to offer. There is truly no better way to edge out competition in the eyes of the customer.

4. You can also use the images as a user guide

In this case, the photographs serve as a manual in addition to being your marketing tools. This is best done using models who demonstrate how to set up or use the product in still photographs. This makes it a lot easier for your customers to understand how the product works and how they could use it if they bought it. It could also save you a lot in terms of user guide costs if you are the one creating and selling the products.

5. It gives your ecommerce website a more creative look and feel

When it comes to ecommerce, content is everything. It is important that your website or platform landing pages are not only informative but also captivating. Product photography takes care of both with emphasis on the captivating part. When potential clients load your website, they don’t want to drown in black and white characters. A little splash of color and pixel magic is needed to keep them interested. This has been show to increase not only traffic to websites but also time spent as well as conversions.

6. It allows you to use social media marketing platforms

One of the most amazing benefits of product photography is that it allows you to market using different platforms. One of these is the social media platform. All you need is a few nice photographs and you can reach out to clients through major sites including Facebook and Instagram [2]. This comes in especially handy if your target demographic is more youthful and tech savvy.

7. It allows potential customers to visualize owning the product

Ecommerce photography is one of the best ways to give the customer an idea of what it would be like to own the product. Again, this works best when there are models involved. Say for example you are selling kids toys. Instead of having a bare product on white, have a baby model reading playing with the toy in the photograph. This allows the potential buyer to relate and connect with the product which significantly increases their chances of buying the product.

8. They could help optimize your website

Search engines have been designed in such a way that high quality, detailed and relevant photographs are given priority when it comes to search results. All you need to do is to also optimize your photographs [3] in order to land a spot on the list of top search results. This increases your visibility to potential customers and subsequent traffic to your page.

9. It increases product sales

It is a statistically proven fact that product descriptions with accompanying photographs yield higher conversions to sales. This is especially the case when there

are multiple photographs taken at different angles. A 2016 study by online shopping website Shopify [1] on their customers showed that up to 33.16% of their

customers base their purchases on the photographs and are more likely to buy if there are multiple photographs. Another study showed that 78% of this same group would intentionally avoid buying a product if there was no photograph available and if those present were not detailed. With all this math to prove it, it goes without saying that product photography is a must-have.

10. It allows you to secure brand identity


There are different styles for you to choose from when it comes to photo ads. Settling on one could allow you to build brand identity and make your products easy to recognize from any platform you use to market them. This comes in particularly handy with Amazon product photography where you are trying to create a name for your brand and products despite the competition.
Final verdict
So, should you take a shot? The answer is a resounding yes. If you want your business to thrive you simply cannot afford to pass up on all these amazing benefits. All you have to do is invest in a professional product photography company like ours. We have been in the business since 2008 and have the skill and experience needed to give you that much needed edge. That way, whether you are an affiliate marketer or you are launching your own shopping website you will have amazing product photos to complement your content.

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