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Product Pictures entails taking photos of a product on its own and with a plain background to remove any detractors and ensure you capture the viewers’ attention.

Whether you have your eCommerce site or want to post items on eBay,  Product Pictures is always the best option to use.


A good product picture will make your listing more effective and will also increase your sales. Product photography pictures will with no doubt help your eCommerce site thrive.

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to realize this, and a great many small and even medium-sized business owners are failing to appreciate the huge marketing potential in advertising photography.

Part of the problem seems to be the fact that photography itself has never been as easy, or as technologically advanced as before.

Below are tips to help you acquire quality product pictures.

1.Use a tripod and a timer


product photography

When taking a photo even the slightest vibration can cause blur in the photo. You should also bear in mind that the closer you move to an object the more you’ll cause blur on the photo of the object.

A tripod stand ensures stability when taking pictures hence, a sharp picture free from blurs. In addition, you can use the camera inbuilt timer to ensure minimal vibration while maximizing sharpness.

Most of Canon’s EOS and Powershot cameras have a two-second delay feature. Here is how it is done; press and release the shutter button.

After two seconds of releasing the shutter button, your camera will involuntarily capture your product pictures.

There will be no blur. By doing this, you have successfully avoided camera shake from human touch.

2.Gets lots of light in your product photography


product photography

This is the most important tip of all. Having enough light ensures the product pictures are clear and take after the original items. Natural light is the best and works best.

It is advisable prudent to shoot photos during the day.



product photography

Taking photos is always the beginning, next comes editing. While preparing to put product pictures on your site you should know the size of photos required.

Re-size the product pictures you’ve taken so that they can fit on your site. Editing also involves removing any bad sections that may have appeared in the picture.

For best results, ensure you use the best photo editing app.4.Build a backdrop for larger sized products

product photography

There is a way to build a backdrop stand made out of PVC pipe and inexpensive fabric. Another way to do this is to have your fabric tacked to a wall.

Otherwise, you can drape your fabric from a stand. It is important that you push out all the wrinkles. Have your object positioned slightly in front of the backdrop.

product photography

You know from personal experience that your perception regarding the quality and reliability of a company is determined by what you see.

If you see images that are plainly poor quality, you perceive that the company may not be legitimate, that they might not stand behind their product, or that they may not be in business very long.

However, if you see a well-designed web site or catalog with good product pictures that help you determine if the product you see is what you want, then your perception of that company is that they are one that cares about their customers, they are a legitimate business of good standing, and that they will be around long into the future should you need them again.


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