4 Best Disposable Cameras in 2024

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a collection of the top disposable cameras including kodak funsaver, fujifilm quicksnap, and ilford ilfocolor.
A collection of the top disposable cameras including kodak funsaver, fujifilm quicksnap, and ilford ilfocolor.

Disposable cameras, a nostalgic nod to the bygone era of film photography, still hold a unique place in our digital world. They offer a sense of mystery and anticipation, as you wait to see the developed photos, capturing the essence of moments in a way that’s quite different from instant digital gratification. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best disposable cameras on the market, including the Kodak FunSaver, Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400, Ilford Ilfocolor Rapid Retro, and others, delving into their specifications, pros and cons, and pricing.

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Understanding the Appeal of Disposable Cameras

a vintage-style disposable camera, depicted in a nostalgic and detailed manner.
A vintage-style disposable camera, depicted in a nostalgic and detailed manner.

Disposable cameras, also known as single-use cameras, offer a simple and accessible way to capture memories. These cameras are designed for ease of use, making them suitable for all ages. 

They typically feature a basic point-and-shoot mechanism with a shutter release button and, in some models, a flash button. The anticipation of waiting for film development adds to the charm, as each photo holds the potential to be a unique and irreplaceable capture of a fleeting moment.

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Selecting the Best Disposable Camera

When choosing a disposable camera, several factors come into play:

  1. Ease of Use: Look for cameras that are straightforward to operate, with minimal buttons and fuss.
  2. Film Type: Decide between color or black and white film, based on your aesthetic preference.
  3. ISO Sensitivity: Check the ISO rating for light sensitivity, especially if you plan to shoot in varied lighting conditions.
  4. Waterproof Capabilities: Some disposable cameras offer waterproof features, perfect for underwater adventures.

Kodak FunSaver

kodak fun saver single use camera
Kodak fun saver single use camera

The Kodak FunSaver is renowned for its high ISO and user-friendly design, making it a popular choice for capturing moments in varied lighting conditions.

Film TypeColor
Number of Exposures27
High ISO for better low-light performance
User-friendly and great for all ages
Reliable image quality
Limited exposure count

Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400

fujifilm quicksnap flash 400 disposable 35mm camera
Fujifilm quicksnap flash 400 disposable 35mm camera

Known for its excellent color reproduction, the Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 is an ideal camera for both indoor and outdoor photography enthusiasts.

Film TypeColor
Number of Exposures27
Good color reproduction
Easy to use with a comfortable grip
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Flash range may be limited
Single-use design

Ilford Ilfocolor Rapid Retro

ilford ilfocolor rapid retro single use camera
Ilford ilfocolor rapid retro single use camera

The Ilford Ilfocolor Rapid Retro stands out for its unique black and white film, offering a timeless and artistic approach to photography.

Film TypeBlack and White
Number of Exposures27
Unique retro aesthetic with black and white film
Ideal for artistic and timeless photography
Good ISO for varied lighting
Black and white film may not appeal to all users
Limited exposure count

Kodak Max

kodak max 35mm single use camera
Kodak max 35mm single use camera

The Kodak Max is a versatile disposable camera with a high ISO, perfect for beginners and suited for various lighting conditions.

Film TypeColor
Number of Exposures27
ProsConsPrice $21.95
High ISO for better performance in different lighting
Vivid color capture
Easy to use for beginners

Limited to 27 exposures
Non-reusable design

Our Methodology in Selecting the Finest Disposable Cameras

a collection of various disposable cameras from different brands like
A collection of various disposable cameras from different brands like

In our pursuit to identify the best disposable cameras for your photography needs, we embarked on an extensive and thorough research process. We explored a wide array of single-use cameras available across various platforms, from online photography specialty stores to more common outlets like Amazon

Additionally, we ventured into the physical retail world, scouring drugstore chains and even local New York City bodegas and tourist shops. Our findings were consistent: Fujifilm and Kodak disposable cameras dominated the physical and online retail spaces.

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While there are certainly other brands and options in the market, we noted that these alternatives often come with a heftier price tag and are typically geared towards a niche audience — those who seek to experiment and push beyond the realms of casual photography. 

Though intriguing with its trio of color filters for creative flash effects, its price point is nearly double that of the models we evaluated. While this feature is a delight for seasoned photographers, it falls outside the interests of our guide’s intended audience.

In our selection process, we prioritized the following criteria

  1. Accessibility: The recommended disposable cameras should be readily available, ensuring that whether you’re on a holiday or in need of a camera instantly, you can effortlessly purchase one from a nearby store.
  2. Affordability: Acknowledging that film photography can be a costly venture on a per-photo basis, we aimed for cameras that maintain a cost-effective ratio, ideally not exceeding 60¢ per frame prior to processing expenses.
  3. Reliability: Our focus was on cameras from reputable manufacturers, ensuring a level of quality and reliability. We steered clear of cameras with ambiguous film sources, which could lead to subpar photographic results.
  4. Flash Feature: Recognizing that many photographic moments occur in less-than-ideal lighting conditions, we exclusively considered cameras equipped with a flash. This feature significantly enhances the likelihood of capturing high-quality photos, even in backlit or dim settings.
  5. Ease of Film Development: We favored cameras loaded with film that can be processed at any standard film development outlet. This criterion is particularly important for black-and-white film, which sometimes requires specialized processing.

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Our research also led us to examine the plethora of brands selling disposable cameras on Amazon, many of which were unfamiliar to us. With the knowledge that only a handful of companies currently manufacture film and considering the pricing of these lesser-known brands, it’s plausible that these cameras are loaded with film from other sources. 

A glance at eBay reveals an abundance of old film stock available at premium prices. This insight led us to the conclusion that many off-brand disposable cameras on Amazon might contain old, improperly stored film, likely resulting in inconsistent and unreliable photographic outcomes. 

To provide the most credible buying recommendations, we confined our selections to cameras utilizing film from established, trustworthy brands.


No, disposable cameras are designed for single use only.

Film can be developed at photo processing centers or stores that offer film development services.

While they offer a unique aesthetic, disposable cameras are generally more suited for casual, personal photography.

Yes, most photo development services offer digital scanning options.

It’s best to use them within their expiration date for optimal photo quality.

It depends on the volume of photos and the cost of film development. For occasional use, disposable cameras can be cost-effective.

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