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How to sell on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is an Amazon service that allows subscribers access to a two days free delivery for eligible purchases. It also gives access to screen streaming video, music and so on. However, the subscription is paid for, either monthly or yearly.

Selling a product on Prime makes a big difference. As you may already know, selling on Amazon FBA is one of those risk-free and effortless ways to earn from the comfort of..

How to Photograph Jewelry on a Budget

Do you want your jewelry to stand out in the jewelry market? It is possible to do so and better still, do it on a budget. You can achieve this by making use of great quality jewelry photography.   Avoid bad jewelry photos which will make editors, buyers, and customers...

Amazon Product Ranking: What it is, How it works, and Why it matters.

It has been a long way since 1999, the year when Amazon started out as a relatively humble e-commerce store dedicated exclusively to selling books. Today, the company ranks as the 4th-most valuable one on the planet, and according to a study performed last year by Business Insider it accounts for about 43 percent of all online retails sales in the United States – a rough estimate of around US$ 178 billion.
Moreover, a detailed…

Product photography Knowledge

What is product photography? Increase conversion     Value     First impression     Planing Product photography Knowledge:  Does product photography increase conversion? Let us fill in your Product photography Knowledge. Product photography is a specialized branch of...