How to Research and Discover New Fashion Trends for your Online Store

Staying informed and aware of the current fashion trends is the best way to ensure the success of your online store. With various fashions and trends changing rapidly, sometimes within a six-month span, it is easy for any store owner to fall behind in ordering products that will soon be trending in the online market.

As you know, ordering the perfect products ahead of time is essential for the success of your store. Ordering fashion products too late may result in a lost opportunity to sell those items before they become irrelevant in the rapidly-changing market. As you can imagine, this could cause a loss in revenue with the store owner.
It is essential to your online store’s success that you stay ahead of what is popular and become familiar with the methods of predicting upcoming fashion trends. Check out these four strategies to research and anticipate growing fashion trends:

Consider What Celebrities Are Wearing

Head to popular social media sites like Instagram, and check out the profiles of relevant celebrities. What are they wearing in their day-to-day life? Monitoring what popular public figures are wearing now is the best way to predict the types of fashion items will be in high demand within a few weeks.
It is important for you to know that celebrities create and set the trends within the fashion world. Did a popular YouTuber wear a velvet scrunchie on her wrist in her most recent selfies on Instagram? If so, you can bet that scrunchie sales are about to go up across the Internet on popular eCommerce sites.
how to research and discover new fashion trends for your online store
Fashion trends set by celebrities are not just limited to accessories, either! Public figures have been known to set trends that impact hair styles, makeup looks, and even entire outfit vibes.  Do you remember Rachel from the show “Friends”? Jennifer Anniston, who played the character Rachel, had a very popular haircut that became known as “The Rachel” for years after the show aired.
Monitoring the hair styles, makeup trends, and even clothing choices of celebrities and popular public figures can assist you in effectively predicting what items will be in high demand in the following weeks and months.

Explore Popular Product Launches


In addition to predicting fashion trends through the makeup, hair, and clothing choices of celebrities, you can explore the product launches of popular brands for insight on what items will soon be in high demand. To effectively use this method, you must first become familiar with the types of brands consumers commonly seek when online shopping.

Popular makeup brands such as E.L.F. and clothing brands like Levi’s are often launching products that end up selling in the eCommerce market. For example, E.L.F. sells their exquisite makeup at astoundingly low prices. Their products often sell out on their brand website, and other online stores sometimes sell their more popular products.

In addition, the Levi’s brand has many classic cuts when it comes to jeans and other clothing items that come and go with new fashion trends. Keeping an eye on highly sought-after brands and what products they are currently launching is a great way to keep ahead of what will become popular in the coming months!

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Discover Old Styles That May Be Making A Comeback

· Bell Bottom Jeans
· Velvet and Silk Scrunchies
· Grunge Band T-Shirts
· Chunky Sneakers
· Mom Jeans
· Jumpsuits
· Scarves as Headwear

What do these things all have in common? The answer is: they are all trends coming back in the year 2021 that were once also popular trends in past decades.

Trends that were popular for long amounts of time in the past have a tendency to make big comebacks in the following decades. It normally takes a heafy chunk of time for them to come back around but, at this point, it is possible to effectively predict which trends will become popular once again.

 For more tips on anticipating what items will become popular to sell, visit our article on Holiday Gift Guide for Online Sellers.

Follow Trending Social Media Accounts and Platforms

What do these things all have in common? The answer is: they are all trends coming back in the year 2021 that were once also popular trends in past decades.


There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the biggest influential platforms out there when it comes to fashion trends. People of all ages flock to this social media site and app to browse endless images based on who they follow and what is recommended by the app. Instagram is, for sure, one of the most important platforms out there for sellers and consumers alike.

TikTok, a video recording and sharing platform, is overtaking Instagram as the top trendsetting app on the market. With the ability to go viral at an astounding rate, TikTok is very popular amongst celebrities, influencers, and brands. Simply head to Instagram and TikTok, and pay attention to what the most followed accounts are wearing. This is one of the surest ways to anticipate upcoming trends!

In Conclusion

Anticipating trends that have not hit the market but will soon become popular in the upcoming weeks and months is an essential skill for any eCommerce store owner. It is important that you are actively researching so you may order the necessary products ahead of time to be prepared for when consumers rush to online shops for those trending fashion items.

There are various ways to predict upcoming trends. Instagram influencers, trending TikToks, and even admired makeup, hair, and clothing brands are all important to look into when conducting this research. Check out our article about how to Prepare Your Online Store for Spring Break and Summer Vacation for more tips on how to stock your online store with items that will successfully sell!

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