Prepare Your Online Store for Spring Break and Summer Vacation

The warmer months are just around the corner! Soon, millions of consumers will be flocking to online stores to purchase items that they can wear or specifically use during the Spring and Summers seasons.

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There is an array of items that become popular for online shoppers to buy around this time of year. Seasonal clothing and accessories are some of the top items online stores will stock to guarantee sales.

More so than ever before, people stay home and choose to shop online due to a couple of factors. For years, physical brick-and-mortar shops have been experiencing a downward spiral. In addition, the global pandemic of COVID-19 has almost created a trend out of online shopping.

It is essential for each online store’s success that they flow with the seasons and adapt quickly and seamlessly. Check out these four tips to preparing your online store for Spring break and Summer vacation:

Table of Contents:

  1. Set the Mood With Your Site
  2. Host Fun Seasonal Deals
  3. Updated and Attractive Photography
  4. Follow the Biggest Trends
  5. Final Thoughts


Set the Mood With Your Site

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From product categories such as clothing and accessories to outdoor activities and tools, it is essential for each online store owner to refresh their store for the changing seasons.

Store owners can update their website aesthetic by incorporating brighter warmer colors, updating images, and even changing up the wording on some of their descriptions. For more information about updating your images for specific items, you can start by checking out our article How to Photograph Clothing for Your Online Store.

Think about this scenario: Two store owners both sell power tools and tool accessories. Store Owner #1 wisely realizes that, in just a couple of months, more people will be heading outside to complete outdoor projects. He updates his online store website to reflect the warmer months and he even introduces a few new products.

Store Owner #2 does not acknowledge the changing seasons and keeps his online store exactly the same. In his mind, he is just selling tools and since tools are needed throughout the whole year theres no reason to put in the work to change his website.

While looking at this scenario, which store owner can you predict will get the most business before and during the Spring and Summer seasons? You guessed it! Store Owner #1, since he set the mood of the season with his website, will most likely gain more traffic than Store Owner #2.


Host Fun Seasonal Deals

People already shop online specifically for amazing deals. Store owners can capitalize on this by hosting fun and seasonally-specific deals to entice buyers to make a purchase!

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To advertise for these warm-season deals and sales, you can use bright and warm colors in your graphics to attract consumer attention. Incorporate phrases such as:

  1. Spring BOHO Sale
  2. Summer DoorBuster Deals
  3. Spring Forward Sale
  4. Summer Has Arrived Sale

Advertising lines like this accomplish two things. First, they let buyers know that the sale you are offering it new because it aligns with the turning season. In addition, seeing the words Spring” and Summer” will get buyers in more of a mood to make a purchase.

The Spring and Summer deals you offer in your store do not have to break the bank, either. However, it is important that your customers feel as though they purchased a valuable item at a fair price for them to think about becoming a return customer.

Check out more of our universal tips and tricks for online sellers by reading The Perfect Valentine Gift Guide for Online Sellers in 2021 and Holiday Gift Guide for Online Sellers.


Updated and Attractive Photography


prepare your online store for spring break and summer vacation

Whether you take your own images or if you hire someone to do the job, it is essential that you routinely updated your product and website pictures. Customers enjoy the aesthetic of a seasonally-updated website while they are shopping. In addition, repeat buyers appreciate it when a website does not have the same old pictures as the last time they came to make a purchase.

Were not saying you have to update every single image on your site each time the weather changes, but it is important to slowly mix things up as the year progresses. Capturing images that are just right for your store can be a difficult skill to obtain

There are times when it is important for store owners to put some tasks in the hands of professionals so they, as the entrepreneur, can focus on what they do best. If you are interested in hiring a product photographer to help you with your seasonal website update, you can start by reading our post on What to Know About Product Photography Pricing.


Follow the Biggest Trends

Sure, its common knowledge that people are more likely to purchase shorts and bikinis than coats or boots during the summer months. However, product research should not stop there for store owners. Consider what type of shorts and bikinis are currently trending and will sell quickly?

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It isn’t enough to predict what items buyers will want to purchase for Spring and Summer. You have to really delve into your research to find out what styles will be trending. Of course, this goes for products outside of clothing as well. For example, if an online store sells items for outside activities they may want to consider the newest and updated games or pool toys.

Final Thoughts

You definitely do not have to sell Spring and Summer specific items for you to incorporate seasonal deals, sales, and updated photography into your website. These efforts alone will attract buyers by matching the mood of the warmer seasons.

If you do sell products that can directly relate to the changing weather, it is important for you to match the items you sell to the current season and trends. For example, it isn’t enough to just sell sunglasses. Consider, what sunglasses frames will be trending this year and will sell?

As you update your website, consider hiring professionals such as product photographers to help you capture the perfect vibe for your store.

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