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A lot of online businesses collect inputs from their customers and clients through reviews, marketplace is no different.

What are the reviews?

These are the customers’ opinions on the actual products sold on Amazon -what the customer physically receives inside a box.  if a customer gives input on a different angle of the buying process, he/she is said to have given an Amazon seller feedback.

Here, the customer describes his/her experience with you as the Amazon seller.  Usually, a prompt appears on the customers’ Amazon account asking them to submit feedback
a picture that showing amazon seller feedback
As an Amazon seller, you would want your customer service skills to stand out To do this, you need to pay keen attention on the packaging, shipping, and customer service. 

Feedback encompasses these and allows the customer to rate you, the Amazon seller, on a 1 to 5-star scale (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest).
The ratings together with the customers’ comments are displayed on the seller’s profile in a very detailed manner statistics on the ratings, general score over a specific time-frame, and overall statistics on whether the feedback is positive, negative or neutral.

picture explaining what is amazon seller rating
Amazon seller feedback is a very significant tool for a customer who has numerous options. Therefore, it is important that you put yourself in the shopper’s shoes. Given that there are many Amazon sellers selling the same product, it could be very challenging to select who to buy from.
It is even more challenging if you are trying to purchase something you have never bought or used before. Now, picture this, you search for the item and find out that millions of sellers have it with different shipping costs, conditions, and at different prices. What do you do?
Which seller do you pick 7 Feedback! This is where it comes in as a valuable tool to help customers decide which Amazon seller to pick. Obviously, a customer will choose a seller with positive feedback. The buyer will not only want a great product but also a pleasant and efficient buying experience.
If the product arrives on time, is in excellent working condition, is how the Amazon seller describes it and the seller has great communication skills, then it is a huge plus on Amazon seller feedback. Remember, positive feedback goes a long way!

There are several starter questions for customers who wish to leave feedback

amazon seller package review

  • Were you content with how your order was packaged and shipped? –
  • Was the professionalism and work ethic of the provider up to standard? –
  • Did you receive excellent communication and great customer service? –
  • Would you work with this Amazon seller again-Is there anything about your experience that you would like to change?
The question that should get your attention as a seller is ‘Would you work with this Amazon seller again? You will evidently want something positive to be said about you in regards to the question. Thus, it is vital that you ensure your customers get an excellent shopping experience that will make them want to work with you again.
This means that you get repeat customers who in turn give you repeat positive feedback. Amazing chain! Amazon seller feedback is also used by Amazon to monitor the seller.
They determine how to treat your seller store and products on their website depending on the nature of the feedback left by the customers. You are probably wondering what exactly the benefits of numerous good feedback are. Well, wonder no more.
how to maximize your amazon seller rating

They include:

  • Massive sales
  • Greater chances of winning the “buy box’
  • Better ground with Amazon in dispute resolutions
  • Customer trust
  • Greater chance of appearing higher on the search list


Bad feedback results in:

  • Lack of customer trust
  • Fewer chances of winning the “buy box’
  • Low sales
  • Lower chance of appearing higher on the search list
You may have received one or two poor Amazon seller feedback, do not lose heart. As they say, learning is a continuous process, improve your selling process, and work on your customer service. 

Take it upon yourself as an Amazon seller and try to convince the unsatisfied customer to a satisfied one, this will help you redeem yourself and get you back on track
Numerous studies show that customers are more inclined to products and sellers with dozens of reviews, even if the reviews are mixed. They tend to choose a seller with more feedback/ratings compared to one with fewer ratings. Great encouragement, right?


Which Negative reviews does Amazon remove?

amazon seller negative reviews

It gets rid of feedback that is not within its guidelines.

For example:
  • Personal information
  • Reviews of items/products -Promotional content
  • Abusive/obscene language
Amazon also takes responsibility for issues concerning the packaging or shipping process for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) orders. In such cases, the customer is directed to Amazon on the seller feedback page:

It is common, however, to find that the customer has submitted feedback for you that should have been channeled to Amazon or does not adhere to the guidelines. You are allowed to request Amazon to remove the feedback. How? (Click Help > Selling on Amazon > Manage Customer Feedback > select Order Number > Next > Customer Feedback Removal Request).
Occasionally, Amazon will turn down the request. If, however, you feel that the feedback is in violation of one of Amazon’s guidelines, repeat the process again, this time in different words just so that your point is clearer.
Also, state exactly which guideline it is violating As an Amazon seller, you need to keep focusing on excellent and pleasant customer service. In as much as you may get some mixed feedback from time to time, keep your head in the game, keep moving forward.
This is because even the best and highly rated sellers went through the mixed feedback phase and still emerged as the top.  Let Amazon remove the bad reviews and feedback that are out of the guidelines and then focus on attaining positive ratings. Give great service repeatedly and you will see old customers coming back, and new ones joining them!
We hope this article helped you with your Amazon seller’s basic knowledge of Seller Ratings.
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