Holiday Gift Guide for Online Sellers

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The holidays are just around the corner! For online sellers, this is the prime time to locate the perfect items that will sell as gifts. In this day and age, the Internet has increasingly become a popular choice for gift purchasing for many reasons.

From the global pandemic chasing people out of traditional shops to the sheer convenience of shopping from home, online stores are quickly becoming the norm. When it comes to choosing the right products to sell online for the holidays, there are many things to consider.

If you are brainstorming the right products to sell online for the holidays, you will want to pick items that are currently trending as popular gift options. Also, you will want to consider items you can purchase wholesale for your store that will be general enough to please the masses and popular enough to sell in high quantities.

What types of items are people seeking out as gifts for their mothers? What are people currently seeking to buy for their dad? What are popular purchases around the holidays that will bring the family together?

Thinking about all of the possible gift options can be intimidating and overwhelming, and that is why we have chosen to narrow down that list for you! Here are five-holiday gift ideas for online sellers:

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Popular Beauty Items

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For men and women, there are many beauty and hygiene-related items that are considered “good” gifts for friends and loved ones. Within this beauty category, there are gifts that seem to never go out of style, and then there are gifts that are currently trending this year.

For example, hot tools such as curling wands, hairdryers, and hair straighteners traditionally make great gifts and upgrades for women and teenage girls. Skincare items that are promoted by online beauty gurus such as jade and rose quartz facial rollers are currently trending.

For men, a gift that never seems to lose its appeal is a classic beard kit including scissors, a brush, beard oils, etc. Beard kits are considered a great gift for men because it isn’t always something they will purchase for themselves but it is nice to have.

This is also a profitable product for online sellers to include in their stores because, as an online seller, you won’t have to purchase a variety of colors, patterns, etc. Beard straighteners are a newer product on the market that is currently trending, and it provides ment the opportunity to smooth out and straighten their beard hairs.


If you are a seller seeking holiday beauty gift ideas for your store, keep in mind that professional product photography plays a key role in your sales. Think about it, if people are purchasing items to make themselves look better they will probably expect those items to also look good in the product photos.

To learn more about taking the perfect product photos, you can check out our Intro to Perfect Product Photography to Entice Your Customers.


Statement Masks

COVID-19 has completely changed our relationship with shopping, and more so than ever online stores are thriving while many traditional brick and mortar shops are closing their doors. With the spread of the pandemic, masks have become a mandate in most areas.


Children and teachers are required to wear masks all day at school and the rest of the world is asked to wear them in common public areas. Masks have quickly become a staple in people’s everyday lives, and consumers are constantly seeking the newest fashionable trends when it comes to what they are wearing on their face.

Masks in the year 2020 and onward will make perfect stocking stuffers for men, women, and even children. In addition, they are great items for online sellers who are seeking popular low cost items to help stock their stores!


Trending Technology

With every new year there comes new and improved devices waiting to be purchased and given as gifts. While these items are quite expensive, they are often at the top of everyone’s wish list for holidays and even birthdays. After all, who doesn’t want a new computer or cellphone for Christmas?

Fitbit, Apple Watches, and iPads are amongst some of the most sought after gifts for men, women, and teenagers. Like the hot hair tools and beard kids mentioned above, these trending technology items make for great first time gifts or even much-needed upgrades.

young man in virtual reality headset stretching arm towards display

For online sellers, these items are initially expensive to stock in-store. However, they are guaranteed to pay off in the end due to their high demand.


Irresistibly Comfortable

beautiful pregnant woman in comfy clothes. sitting in a chair ne

Have you ever been stumped on what to buy grandma for Christmas? Lush pillows, pajama sets, fuzzy socks, and even throw blankets are foolproof gift ideas for almost every member of the family (including grandma).]

During the colder months, there’s nothing more cozy than receiving something soft and comforting on Christmas Day. With cozy gift ideas, professional and strategic product photography is important to show your customers just how comfortable and soft the products are.

Including the right product picture is guaranteed to improve your sales as customers will be able to better connect and admire the item you are offering. To learn more about the importance of professional product photography for successful online businesses, visit our article on How Product Photography can Increase Sales Conversions.


Family Fun

Especially around the holidays, moms and dads are seeking items to help bring their family together for fun. There’s no better way to pass the time on Christmas than to open up a brand new game with the family and sit down to spend time together. Board and card games are amongst some of the top-selling products online for this reason.

family playtime,family on the floor playing a game at home

Popular Board and Card Games Include:

  • Uno
  • Life
  • Risk
  • Jenga
  • Monopoly

The listed games will always have a place in the online market and they are a great choice for online sellers wanting to capitalize on the holiday season. Aside from some new and gimmick games, board and card games have remained consistently popular throughout the years.

To learn more about our product image services, visit our portfolio page



The holiday season is the perfect time for online sellers to capitalize on the growing trend of online gift purchasing. By choosing the right products and implementing effective strategies, you can attract more customers and increase your sales. Consider the popular beauty items, statement masks, trending technology, irresistibly comfortable gifts, and family fun products mentioned in this gift guide to create a successful holiday gift selection for your online store.

Remember to focus on professional product photography and optimize your website to provide an exceptional shopping experience for your customers. Happy holidays and happy selling!

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