Everything you need to know about Bigcommerce Image Size

Bigcommerce image size

Setting up a successful and profitable e-commerce site is about so much more than taking the best product photos. Paying attention to every little detail matters just as much as the perfect Bigcommerce image size. For instance, how do you photograph luxury watches to make sure a potential customer thinks a luxury watch is a good investment. 

If you are photographing products for Shopify or selling on eBay carry on reading. You may just pick up a fresh idea or two

Bigcommerce Image Size: Is It That Important?

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To many, image size may not seem like the most important detail you should pay attention to. But, the truth is the image size is what sells a product. If the image size is poor, a customer can’t see all of the small details that make the product special.

Take a luxury watch. It is not only the fact that it is gold plated that makes it an attractive investment opportunity. You must also be able to show all of the finer precision-engineered details. That is truly what makes a luxury brand watch such an attractive buy.
This is where Bigcommerce image size comes into its own. Let’s find out more.

The Customer Buying Experience

From the moment a potential buyer clicks on the site, the buying experience starts. If he or she noticed poor images with a lack of attention to detail, your customer is going to move on to another site.

You need to make your product look attractive from the outset. For instance, If you are selling luxury watches, you should consider using live models. Place your models in a setting where the customer can see himself. That could be in a boardroom or business presentation setting. Make sure the watch is prominent. 

Doing so tells a buyer that the watch you are selling has value to add to his life. Lifestyle photography is a very important part of the overall Bigcommerce image size. 

How about the website experience?

This is another factor to consider. You want to make sure that all images load quickly. Waiting for slow images to load is a bit like waiting for paint to dry.

The slower your website images load, the more likely a customer is to navigate away from your site. Any serious buyer will get bored and simply abandon your page.

Make sure that you use a provider that supports good quality Bigcommerce image size.

The perception of your brand matters as well. Poor quality photographs with not enough attention to detail slow down your site. Before you choose a website hosting company or set up a Shopify site, make sure you familiarize yourself with the relevant image size requirements. They vary from site to site.

Our Guide to Bigcommerce Image Size

Our guide

The perception of your brand matters as well. Poor quality photographs with not enough attention to detail slow down your site. Before you choose a website hosting company or set up a Shopify site, make sure you familiarize yourself with the relevant image size requirements. They vary from site to site. 

Our Guide to Bigcommerce Image Size

Are there different types of image sizes? The answer to that question is YES in capital letters. If you are new to product photography, it is really important to understand what really matters. 

When it comes to image size, professional product photographers like to work with the three different formats of image size including:

  • Standard
  • Navigation
  • Thumbnail

What you need to appreciate is that you can easily slow down the user experience, especially for mobile users. As many of us shop using mobile devices now, you need to bear that in mind when you create your images. 

Individual Product Pages

Most site owners have a dedicated page per product. Having a dedicated page per product gives you the opportunity to explain all of the pros and cons of the product and add more images. You may even want to add a video.

The best size for product image pages is 1280 x 1280. That will give you a clear image but not slow down the user experience for mobile users.

Thumbnail Size Images

Needless to say, thumbnails are smaller than standard-size product images. The perfect size is around 1000 pixels. Should you use the same images as you do on your main product page?

You can go down that route, but in general, it is better to make the images slightly different.

 In many ways, you can say that thumbnail images are clickbait. They are what attracts a buyer to click on the link and follow the link through to the main product page. 

Most importantly, they need to be very clear. If you have access to Adobe Photoshop make sure you spend time using the software to produce clear and easy-to-view thumbnail images. 

Navigation Image Size

What you need to think about when it comes to navigation image size is that images are often smaller. You need to make sure they fit in the navigation menu. Most of the time, navigation images are around 267 x 267 pixels, but they may vary according to site requirements. Once again, check before you go ahead and post.

Optimizing Images

How do you optimize images? There are a few different ways you can do this without expert knowledge. 

● Choose the correct image size i.e amount of pixels. The size is the one factor that really matters. You need to make sure that you use the right image size to make sure you don’t slow down the page. Adobe Photoshop can help, but you should also check out third-party apps including TING PNG

● The angle matters. It is a good idea to show your products from different angles. That can be achieved by moving the product around or simply playing around with light effects as you photograph your products. Cropping images is an important skill to learn. The more you practise, the better you are going to get at it. 

● Correct picture format matters when it comes to Bigcommerce image size JPEG images are the best ones to use as you can crop them without losing any resolution. That way, a customer can still enjoy viewing your product without the loss of quality and the site slowing down. 

● Alt-text is an alternative. It appears in place of an image when the actual image does not load. To get the most out of any image on your site, including text is important. Adding a text field below your image also helps a great deal when it comes to search results in Google. Make sure that you add a relevant keyword in the text. 

Find our how to use a Free image editor online

What Are The Best Tools To Use?

Google page insight

There are some tools that work better with Bigcommerce image size than others.
Product photographers use a range of tools before they launch a site or send a customer the images that they have produced.

Checking on the final results is particularly important when it comes to Bigcommerce image size. Google Page Speed Tester is one function that you can use. Many product photographers would say it is your best friend. It does not matter if you are photographing skincare products or a luxury brand watch, the loading speed of your page matters.

What does Google Speed Tester do? Simply put, it tests how fast your page loads.

What Is CDN?

Cdn network

It stands for content delivery networks. What CDN networks do is store images in servers that have a close proximity to the users who use your site. 

This is a good example. If someone from Australia visits your site, it normally takes longer for the images to appear if they are stored on a US-based server. However, if the images are stored on a server located in Australia or the Pacific region, they will appear faster.

Image manager tools are another popular tool. You will find image manager tools incorporated on many big e-commerce sites including some shopping platforms. Look out for them If you are just getting started, they can really help. They make the process of publishing and adding product images to your site much easier. 

How to get started

If you are not sure how to get started and would like your site up and running in a hurry, it is best to contract a professional product photographerYou can either work with a product photographer in your local area or find one online. 

The quality of product images really matters. Your buyer is not going to have the opportunity to see and touch your products in real life. What you must do, is to create an experience which is as close to seeing the products “up close and personal” as possible. If you are new to product photography, it is not always easy to do so. 

In Conclusion

Before you go ahead and publish any image, make sure that you check the speed it is loading at. Also. don’t forget that keywords matter. Even before you start snapping away, make sure that you have done your keyword research.

Take your time and make sure you produce quality images. It is through your images, your buyers are going to interact with what you have got to sell. That is why it is so important that you

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