Amazon Keyword Research in 2023 – How to Rank Higher on Amazon (2024 update)

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amazon keyword research
Amazon keyword research

Hey there! Are you ready to give your Amazon listings a serious boost? Let’s deep dive into the nitty-gritty of Amazon keyword research. We’re not just talking about finding a bunch of keywords; we’re talking about a strategy that puts your products front and center for potential customers.

So, what’s the scoop on Amazon keyword research, and why should you care? Let me break it down for you.

We’ll also delve into how to determine search volume so you can prioritize the most popular keywords when listing your products on Amazon.

more article on how to use. Amazon free keyword research tools

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The Importance of Keyword Research on Amazon

Imagine you’re Googling “blue outdoor rug 8×10“. Bam! The first thing you see? An Amazon link. Clicking on it takes you straight to a treasure trove of products just like the one you searched for.

This little journey shows us two big things: how crucial it is to optimize for Amazon’s search engine and, equally, for Google.

This demonstrates the importance of optimizing for the Amazon search engine, and also for Google, to ensure your product ranks high when customers are searching for specific products.

why is amazon keyword research important
Why is amazon keyword research important

Why Amazon SEO is a Game Changer

Amazon isn’t just a retail giant; it’s a search engine in its own right. When it comes to online shopping, most people start their journey on Amazon.

That’s why optimizing your product listings for Amazon’s search engine is critical. It’s all about visibility. If your product pops up at the top when someone searches for it, you’ve hit the jackpot.

The Google Connection


But here’s the kicker: Amazon optimization doesn’t just boost your visibility on Amazon. It also elevates your product’s presence on Google. When your Amazon listing is keyword-optimized, it’s more likely to appear in Google’s top search results.

This dual advantage is crucial because it taps into the massive traffic from both platforms.

The Customer’s Path to Purchase


Let’s not forget the customer’s journey. When a potential buyer searches for a product, they’re often ready to purchase or are close to making a decision. By using the right keywords in your Amazon listings, you’re effectively placing your product right where these ready-to-buy customers are looking. It’s like setting up your shop in the busiest part of the market.

Beyond Visibility: Building Trust and Relevance


Keyword optimization on Amazon does more than just make your product visible. It builds trust and relevance. When customers see your product in their search results, it’s like Amazon is endorsing your product as a relevant and trustworthy option.

This perceived endorsement can be a powerful motivator for customers to click through and buy.

Long-term Impact


Finally, effective keyword research and optimization on Amazon can have a long-term impact on your product’s performance. It’s not just about a one-time boost in sales; it’s about establishing and maintaining a strong presence in your niche. Over time, this can lead to consistent sales, better reviews, and increased profitability.

The Three Musketeers of Keywords: Short, Medium, and Long Tail

types of keywords: short, medium, and long tail​
Types of keywords: short, medium, and long tail​

Here’s the deal with keywords. They come in three flavors: short tail (1-2 words), medium tail (3-4 words), and long tail (5+ words). While the shorties grab the most searches, they’re also super competitive. The key? A balanced mix of all three types.

Even though short tail keywords are the most searched, they’re also the most competitive. Therefore, as a seller, your best strategy is to have a mix of short, medium, and long tail keywords.

Building a Comprehensive Keyword List

Each of these tools has a specific Amazon Keyword Research tool that uses Amazon Autocomplete. You don’t need to use every single Amazon keyword tool I’m showing you here. Instead, I recommend finding the one that works best for you. For this example, we’ll be looking for keywords related to rugs. 

You can enter a more specific keyword depending on what you’re selling. If you only sell Bluetooth headphones, for example, enter “Bluetooth headphones” as your keyword.

Tool Time: Your Free Keyword Research Toolkit

ahrefs keyword tool
Ahrefs keyword tool

There are several free keyword research tools that can help you in your Amazon keyword research journey. 

One of them is, a free Chrome extension that I have installed on my browser. 

Other tools that I find useful are, which has a specific Amazon Keyword Research tool using Amazon Autocomplete, and, which also has an Amazon Keyword tool. 

Lastly, Ahrefs offers an Amazon keyword tool through their free SEO tools. You don’t need to use every single Amazon keyword tool I’m showing you here. I’m simply providing you with a variety of options so you can choose the one that works best for you

Organizing Your Keywords

relevant keywords to your products
Relevant keywords to your products

Once you have your list of keywords, it’s time to refine it. Start by looking for keywords related to your product. For example, if you’re selling rugs, you might want to look for keywords like “indoor rug”, “outdoor rug”, “navy blue rug”, “8×10 rug”, and so on.

Next, get rid of any irrelevant keywords. For example, if you’re not selling any “Nightmare Before Christmas” rugs, you can remove that keyword from your list.

Continue this process until you have a list of about 800 keywords. This is the maximum number of keywords you can check for search volume per day.

Optimizing Your Products for Keywords

Once you have your list of keywords and their search volumes, you can start optimizing your products for these keywords. For example, if one of your top keywords is “5×7 area rugs”, you can make sure to include this keyword in your product title and description.

Remember, the goal of Amazon keyword research is to help you rank higher on Amazon and sell more products. By optimizing your products for the right keywords, you can increase your visibility on Amazon and attract more customers.

area rugs search results of amazon
Area rugs search results of amazon

Keywords in the Title

When creating your product titles, make sure to include popular keywords. Used WebPilot

For example, if you’re selling a blue outdoor rug that’s 8×10, you might want to include “blue”, “outdoor”, “8×10”, and “rug” in your title. You might also want to include other relevant keywords, such as “easy cleaning”, “non-shedding”, “bedroom”, “living room”, “dining room”, “backyard”, “deck”, and “patio”.

As you scroll down the product details, you’ll find more information that’s geared towards different keywords. For example, you might see “navy blue” for the color, the pattern shape, and special features. You’ll also find a product description at the bottom, which includes more keywords.

All of these details are crucial for ranking higher on Amazon. If you’re an Amazon seller, you need to optimize specifically for the Amazon search engine. But if you’re also optimizing for Google, you can get your product ranking high there as well.

Checking Search Volume


Once you have your list of 800 keywords, you can check their search volume using searchvolume website This tool allows you to submit up to 800 keywords per day and provides you with the average monthly searches for each keyword.

This information can help you prioritize which keywords to focus on when optimizing your products.

Keep in mind that the search volume provided by this tool is based on Google searches, not Amazon searches. However, the search volume on Google can give you a good idea of the popularity of each keyword on Amazon as well.

Wrapping It Up: The Power of Amazon Keyword Research

Amazon keyword research is a crucial step in optimizing your product listings and increasing your sales on Amazon. By using a combination of free tools and a systematic approach

to keyword research, you can build a comprehensive and effective keyword list. Remember, the goal is not just to rank high on Amazon’s search engine, but also to rank high on Google when people are looking for a specific product not on Amazon.

By optimizing for both search engines, you can increase your visibility and ultimately, your sales.

Remember, the goal of Amazon keyword research is to help you rank higher on Amazon and sell more products. By optimizing your products for the right keywords, you can increase your visibility on Amazon and attract more customers.

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section. Thanks for reading this article, and make sure to subscribe to our blog for more tips and tricks on Amazon keyword research and SEO.


Amazon keyword research is important because it helps sellers understand what potential customers are searching for. By optimizing product listings with these keywords, sellers can increase their product’s visibility, leading to more clicks and sales.

Amazon keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing the keywords that people use when searching for products on Amazon. These keywords are then used to optimize product listings to increase their visibility and sales.

You can do Amazon keyword research by using various free tools like,,, and Ahrefs. These tools can help you build a comprehensive list of keywords related to your product. You can then refine this list and prioritize the keywords based on their search volume.

You can optimize your product listings by including your top keywords in your product titles and descriptions. The more relevant keywords you include, the higher your products will rank on Amazon and Google.

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