Interested in writing an article or quality post for us? Great! Talented writers or SEO managers are always welcome here at Pro photo studio. Our primary goal is to deliver high-quality content for our readers and clients. The guideline below will provide you with all the information you need to help you get started with your next article.

What are we looking for?

1. We cover the following markets: internet marketing, business, entrepreneurship, freelancing, general photography, All social media, and other related topics. Please do not submit something completely unrelated.

2. Our readers consist of online store owners and entrepreneurs looking to expand their minds and improve their skills. If you contact us and after reading this and asking for something unrelated we will ignore your email.

3. Remember to include links and pictures in your article/ tutorial. Pictures or videos must be very high quality. They can make or break your product when it comes to product presentation.

4. Please, don’t email us if we are interested in your article. If you have a cool article or anything else you’d like to share. Send us the link to it.

If you don’t follow the rules above, your submission will be ignored.


Now that you know the type of content we are looking for, let’s go over the proper way of sending us your article.

Our Guidelines

As mentioned before we seek only high-quality content. We will not edit your article for you.
1.Articles with bad grammar or poorly written will be rejected. We won’t even bother emailing you back.
2.The article you submit must match the quality of our articles/ blog and must be ORIGINAL. Take a moment to visit some of our articles.
3.The article must be a minimum o 1,000+ words. We have no interest in content that was half-assed or put together in a few minutes.
4.ORIGINALITY – The article must be original. That means never posted before on any online platform.

The Format

See the following guidelines:

  • Break your sentences into paragraphs, we will not do that for you.
  • Use bulleted lists where possible.
  • Overusing bold and italic formatting is not acceptable.
  • Use H2 for main headline.
  • Use H3 for sub-headline.


If you are taking your own screenshots to illustrate the article, make sure the image width is at least 800px wide, and the height is at least 400px, when saving for the web in Photoshop, save it as a JPG image with 80% quality.

Make sure to name the images correctly giving descriptive titles:

  • bad example – pgffdgh4372e24352.jpg
  • good example – how-to-build-a-content-marketing-team-2016.jpg

To better convey the point don’t forget to add a caption under the image.


Don’t link out more than 4 sources. make sure you are linking to a source if you are quoting someone else.


When your article is ready to submit, please send us a .ZIP file containing your article, images or video link, and a short bio.

  • Your content must be your original content and never published elsewhere.
  • Your content must be edited before sending it to us.
  • Your content must credit all the sources ( if applicable).
  • Not all articles will be accepted.  It’s just the way it is.
  • No ads disguised as guest post.

The subject line should be: Article Submission

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