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Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

product photography pricing A picture worth a thousand words

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At Pro Photo Studios, we often engage in the complex task of translating the visual storytelling of a product into a comprehensive product photography pricing strategy. It’s a nuanced process that goes beyond capturing an image; it’s about encapsulating a narrative that resonates with the audience.

Destin Sparks beautifully articulated the essence of our craft when he said, “Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” This philosophy is at the heart of our approach to product photography pricing.

We’re not just showcasing items; we’re narrating their stories, their craftsmanship, and the ethos of the brands behind them.

The art of product photography transcends mere representation. It’s about evoking the emotion tied to the product, the anticipation of the experience, and the lifestyle it represents.

This is where our product photography pricing template comes into play, offering a structured approach to valuing these visual narratives.Destin Sparks, an award-winning landscape photographer, put it succinctly when he said, “Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

So when it comes to product photography pricing, how much is that story worth?  The most powerful photographs are not those that merely describe. Anyone can take a photo of a shoe or a pen.

The most potent photos express an emotion. They capture the feeling of owning a product, the effort that went into its design, or a brand’s character.

Great photography, like most achievements, is a mix of art and science. A scientific approach finds the right lighting, shutter speed, and angles. An artist uses those tools to express meaning.

What Is Product Photography?


Understanding product photography is the first step in grasping its value. It’s not just about taking a high-quality picture; it’s about conveying a message, a brand, and an identity.

With the surge in online shopping, the role of product photography has become more crucial than ever. It’s a key player in e-commerce, influencing customer decisions and shaping their expectations.

At Pro Photo Studios, we recognize the power of product photography. It’s not just about capturing the physicality of an item but about translating the intangible qualities that make a brand unique.

This is where commercial product photography pricing comes into the equation, balancing the artistry with the commercial objectives of our clients.

Every product has a different purpose, and each brand a different vision. And in a world where more and more of our shopping is done online than in-person – product photography has to express that purpose and vision.

Online e-commerce is rising steadily with:

  • Increased use of smartphones to shop
  • The arrival of social media and social commerce
  • More online marketplaces
  • New technology like QR codes, targeted advertising, and
  • Generational changes in shopping behavior

Product photography is a key element in catalogs, stores, and all digital media. At least 75% of customers rely on product photos to make a purchase decision.

High-quality photographs drive better engagement from customers. Great visual content is 40% more likely to be shared on social accounts. Therefore improving customer conversion and retention.

As much as promoting your product, good photography also accurately represents it. Over 22% of customers return an item because it looks different in person. The customer should derive the right expectations of your product through its photographs.

What Does a Great Product Photographer Look Like?


A great product photographer is someone who can see beyond the product and capture the essence of what it represents. It’s about professionalism, experience, and creativity.

At Pro Photo Studios, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders, blending these elements to deliver photos that do more than just sell—they tell a story.

Great product photographers are as rare as great products. While anyone with a camera can take a photo of a product, few can ‘wow’ a customer.

Successful product photography businesses come in a trifecta—a fantastic team, great products, and an exciting market to work in.



Photography is inherently creative, but product photography has a specific aim – sales. As in any professional sales company, photographers should be professional and precise.

Pro Photo Studio is a leading product photography studio based in New York City. Our team at PPS is an industry leader in product photography.

Masters of the on-white product photography style, PPS executes your brand and vision exactly the way you want it.

Professional product photographers take into account your vision and aim first. They use their experience to guide you, but not to steer you.

When customers come to PPS with their product, we do our best to first understand its history. That way, our photos are both fresh and consistent with your brand or campaign.

Each client should be a partner, not a customer.



Experience separates the attempt from the execution. Companies like Pro Photo Studio have been around for almost a decade.

With years of experience bringing clients images to life, we have product photography down to a science.

Pro Photo Studios has an impressive range of customers, including:

  • Adidas
  • Costco
  • Starbucks
  • Nordstrom
  • Macy’s
  • HSN
  • TP-Link
  • And even Britney Spears.

Experience brings an excellent understanding of the product photography process. Not just in technical details but also in bringing a client’s vision to life.



Professional photography isn’t just about good equipment or a fancy studio (although we have those too). Professional photography is about great communication.


The first part of any photoshoot doesn’t involve cameras – mostly questions. Besides establishing a great relationship with clients, communication is about expectations and satisfaction.

Product Photography Pricing


When it comes to product photography pricing, it’s essential to consider the type of service you’re engaging with. Independent photographers might offer lower rates, but a full-service studio like Pro Photo Studios brings a comprehensive approach to the table, ensuring every aspect of the product is meticulously crafted and presented.

The cost of product photography can vary, and understanding the pricing model is crucial. Whether it’s product-based pricing or by-the-image pricing, each has its merits.

At Pro Photo Studios, we offer a product photography pricing template that ensures clarity and transparency, allowing our clients to understand the value they’re getting.

Independent Photography v.s. Full-Service Product Photography


Local independent photography studios are cheaper but do not provide a full commercial photography service. Independent photographers may have their own studio, work from home, or rent a studio by the hour.

There are many of them, and negotiating a good rate is therefore easier. With more competition, you should be able to find a cheaper rate. There will be little to no shipping cost for prints if they are close by.

Independent photographers may provide lower quality work. This isn’t always true, but most independent photographers have less experience and less equipment. Their studios may not be able to carry out the type of photos you’re looking for (for example, larger heavy products or high-end photography).

Understanding Product Photography Pricing


Diving deeper into product photography pricing, it’s important to note that commercial product photography pricing can differ significantly from standard pricing due to the scale and scope of the projects.

Commercial shoots often require a more detailed product photography pricing template, which accounts for the additional resources and time invested in creating images that meet the high standards of commercial advertising.

Moreover, when considering how to price product photography, one must take into account the complexity of the products themselves. Complex products may require intricate lighting setups or specialized equipment, which should be reflected in the product photography pricing.

This is why at Pro Photo Studios, we have developed a nuanced product photography pricing template that accommodates the diverse needs of our clients.

The structure of the pricing will affect rates far more than individual differences between studios.

Most reliable product photographers opt to use a product-based pricing system. That way, prices are more transparent, and expectations are clear. Hourly or daily rates can be misleading or cost too much after the project.

Pricing by-product is more transparent and clear. Usually, this is a distinction between pricing for one product or groups of products. Pricing per product, the photographer will take an unlimited amount of images for that product.

Photographers usually want to avoid this type of work, but it is certainly beneficial for clients. That’s why most pricing structures have a maximum number of photos permitted.

Each type of product has its own rate. For example, apparel will have a different cost than jewelry or skincare products. Groups of products are charged less as the number increases.
For example:

  • 0-9 products for $60 per product category
  • 10-49 products for $50 per product category
  • 50-99 products for $45 per product category
  • 100+  products for $35 per product category

And the list goes on.

These are estimates; if you would like to know the photography project’s specific rate, you should contact the photographer. Some photography studios have pricing calculators that can give you an accurate depiction.

Commercial Product Photography Pricing

Commercial product photography pricing must also consider the end use of the images. Whether for large-scale billboards or digital campaigns, the pricing structure may vary.

Our studio has honed a commercial product photography pricing strategy that ensures our clients receive the best value for their investment, recognizing the importance of high-quality imagery in driving sales and brand recognition.

How to Price Product Photography

product photography pricing
Product photography pricing

By the Image Pricing (most common)

The question of how to price product photography is one we encounter frequently. It’s a critical consideration for both emerging and established businesses.

To address this, our product photography pricing template is designed to be flexible, catering to a range of budgets while maintaining the high standards of our studio’s work.

In the world of product photography pricing, transparency is key. Clients should understand what they are paying for and why. This is why we emphasize the importance of a clear product photography pricing template, which breaks down costs and ensures there are no surprises.

At last, the image pricing only places a charge on each image produced. This is a simple multiplication of the number of final images you need and the number of products.

If you need 250 photographs of 100 products at a rate of $30 per photograph – you’ll be charged $7,500. Studios prefer this structure because they are paid for each photo, edit, and formatting.

Product-based pricing only reimburses photographers for the final outcome. ‘By the image’ pricing can work well for clients provided, you follow these steps:

  1. Place each product into a category list based on the products themselves or the type of photography.
  2. Add the number of products in each category.
  3. Specify the number of images you need for each product or each category.
  4. Multiply the number of products in each category by the number of images for those categories.
  5. Add all images in all categories to find the number of images you need for the whole project.

If you know the number of images required and the different categories of photographs, you can find a ‘per image’ price. This gives certainty to both the photographer and the client over price.

By-the-image pricing also decreases as the number of images increases:

  • 0-9 images for $60 per image
  • 10-49 images for $50 per image
  • 50-99 images for $40 per image
  • 100+ images for $30 per image

As you can see, when divvying up the price per image, the increments are larger. That’s because it is less work to take images than it is to cover each product category.

Additional Charges


You should also take into account the weight, size, styling, layout, construction, and preparation required for your products.

Pricing can also fluctuate depending on the incorporation of lifestyle images, group images, and special images.

There are many variables for additional charges. This will largely depend on the type of product and photo style you’re looking for. If you’re not sure about this, speak to an expert first.

As with all aspects of product photography, clear expectations are key. If you and your photographer are in agreement, your photos will turn out great. Taking great product photographs also gives your customers a clear expectation of your product.

The ideal result is that everyone in this process feels that they have received good value for their money. And that’s what product photography is all about.

Product Photography Pricing Template

Our product photography pricing template is a tool we use to ensure that every client receives a tailored quote that reflects the specific requirements of their project.

It takes into account the number of products, the style of photography, and any additional services such as styling or post-production editing.

This template is an integral part of our process, ensuring that our product photography pricing is fair and competitive.


Putting a Price on Creativity

what to know about product photography pricing

Pricing creativity is an intricate process. It’s about finding the balance between the artistic value and the commercial needs of the business.

At Pro Photo Studios, we navigate this with our clients, ensuring that the product photography pricing reflects the quality and the story behind each image.

Understanding how to price product photography is vital for both the photographer and the client. It’s a collaborative process that, when done right, results in images that not only look great but also drive engagement and sales.

In conclusion, while a picture might not be exchanged for words, its value is immense. At Pro Photo Studios, we understand that product photography pricing is not just about the cost—it’s about investing in a visual language that speaks volumes.

So, when you’re ready to tell your product’s story, reach out to us, and let’s create imagery that’s truly worth a thousand words.


what to know about product photography pricing

In the dynamic world of product photography, assigning value to a visual narrative is both an art and a science. At Pro Photo Studios, we’ve refined the process of product photography pricing to ensure that every image we craft tells a compelling story that aligns with your brand’s ethos and commercial goals.

Our carefully designed product photography pricing template and strategies for commercial product photography pricing are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring clarity, transparency, and value for every project.

Understanding how to price product photography is crucial, and we strive to make this process as seamless as possible for you.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. We believe that every picture has a story worth a thousand words, and our pricing reflects the quality, creativity, and impact of those stories.

As you consider the visual future of your brand, remember that Pro Photo Studios is here to translate your vision into imagery that captivates and sells.

Reach out to us when you’re ready to invest in product photography that doesn’t just meet expectations but exceeds them, image after image.

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