Few Tips- Product Photography for Online Sellers.


Why optimized product photography?

product photography for online sellers

If you are an individual or a company looking for product photography and you conduct business online in a virtual market place such as Amazon, eBay, or even Google shopping then you have probably been privy to the more recent changes to the specs that govern the individual product photography.

product photography for online sellers

Online Selling Photography Guidelines

In any online ecommerce endeavor, it has become increasingly important to be familiar with the ever changing set of rules. These rules are established by the platform provider or there can be quite serious repercussions. 

Some companies have experienced being banned. Others have had the product they were working to sell removed from marketplaces or parts of them have disappeared. It is a penalty that is applied if the given specs are not followed to the finest details.

product photography for online sellers

And if that was not enough to digest at one time, each different platform adopts their own individual specs that are often somewhat different to their competitors as well. So, even if you become familiar with how one website works, it does not mean that you can assume that it will go anywhere near as smoothly with the next one.

It is for those reasons that choosing someone that can help get it right from the start is critically important to your success, or otherwise you will most likely suffer the consequences of not being informed. That translates to affecting your overall bottom line of profit, which is not good for business.

product photography for online sellers

Photo Specs

There are specifics that must be met, such as a picture of a product that is uploaded must be upwards of eighty – five percent of the image. That can be difficult to identify to the naked eye, which is precisely why you may need help from an expert that has experience in the field of work.

Another example, is that the background must be what is considered to be pure white in color. It may sound simple enough, surely any white color would do. However, the pure white’ definition is more clearly defined by being measured against the established guidelines and that makes it more complicated than it sounds initially.

product photography for online sellers

There are different parameters established for different sub – categories within the larger categories on any given ecommerce website.

That means if you are selling an item in the jewelry section, what size of pixels that can be safely used is different that say an item in the clothing section. 

It may not sound so tough, but if the guidelines are not followed in detail, then the items will be removed by the authority until the items are revised and meet the guidelines at hand.

product photography for online sellers


It is for these discussed reasons that when you are trying to sell products or services in a dynamic ecommerce environment, you may need to ask for help. 

Look for a trained and knowledgeable professional that has a good understanding of what to do and how to do it, in order for you to experience to no loss in service provision.

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