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When you’re an eCommerce brand – whether you’re just starting or have been around for years – there’s nothing more important than improving your relationships with customers. After all, they’re the lifeblood of your brand.

No customers mean no profit, and that ultimately means no business for you. Improving this relationship, though, takes time, dedication, and a fantastic marketing game.

Unfortunately, the former two are under your jurisdiction, but we can help with the latter. Our suggestion? Start by getting the right photo editing apps.

These will give you the polished, professional edge your audience will love. Need a little guidance here? Don’t worry. Here are seven of the best apps you can snag for yourself today.

  1. Photoshop Express








Adobe Photoshop is probably the most prominent, influential, and widely-known photo editor in the world. The downsides, though, are that it costs a pretty penny and is far from the most intuitive thing ever.

That’s where Photoshop Express comes in. Unlike its big brother, Express is super accessible, intuitive, and available in free and paid options!

Even industry experts champion it as one of the best photo editing apps on the market, and after giving it a try for yourself, it’s easy to see why.

Best Features

While Photoshop Express might not have quite the same depth as the original, it’s still got its fair share of great features.


Light and color balance correction, framing options, word tools/text addition, transformation tools, and more are all here and work pretty effortlessly.

There’s also a swath of fantastic crop options, including presets for all major social media platforms, so posting is quicker than ever before.


  • Offers a free option
  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of photo effects and cropping presets
  • Text layering is simple and looks wonderful


  • Retouching could be better
  • More robust features require a subscription
  1. Pixlr
pixlr app software











Falling under a similar category as Photoshop Express, Pixlr is a photo editing app that influencers and eCommerce brands can use quickly and on-the-go.

Also similar to Express, it gives plenty of flexibility and a decent amount of depth for a mobile solution without being too overwhelming for total editing newbies.

The two are highly comparable, but like anything, people have their preferences. Download it today and find out what yours is.

Best Features

Pixlr has all the go-to features that you need for a terrific ad, social media post, or anything else of that nature. Effects, adjustments, filters, general retouching, and text additions play a big role in the app and function well for the most part.

Its quick-fixes and adjustments are particularly good, as is its interface. Just a few taps, and you’re ready for posting. Simple and efficient.


  • The interface is suitable for beginners and professionals alike
  • Free and premium options available
  • Pre-made filters are beautiful
  • Free stock images are surprisingly good


  • The number of templates leaves something to be desired
  • Buggier than some of the competition
  1. Crello



If you haven’t heard about Crello before now, you were cheated. Crello isn’t just another photo editing app; it’s a full business content creation tool with a lot to offer.

The app is unique in a saturated market, partially because it is a SaaS software, allowing for all sorts of hardware use.

This in addition to its fantastic design tools, atypical, animated options, and dedicated development team, it’s no wonder thousands of people and eCommerce brands have come to swear by it.

Best Features

Reviews of Crello are high across the board, thanks to the app’s various templates and its animation features. The former of these is extremely good.

There’s pretty much a template for any occasion, all of which look highly professional and well done while giving plenty of customizability for consistent branding. And as for the animation?

They’re probably the most highly praised feature of them all – not too complicated to figure out, inspired, and fun.


  • First-class animation and video features
  • Lots of cool, customizable templates
  • Content is frequently updated
  • Layouts and stock photos are high-quality


  • Search function could use work
  • Not as user-friendly as some competitors
  • Some people have had issues with the upload section
  1. Canva


In recent years, Canva has seen a massive spike in popularity, largely due to its ease of use.

The app itself is intuitive and requires very little time to master, ideal for eCommerce businesses who want to focus on their products or services rather than on conquering an editing software’s learning curve.

Much like other similar apps, Canva comes in both a free and premium version and boasts everything from frames to filters, effects, text, etc., all without a complicated UI getting in the way.

Best Features

Canva’s a photo editing app and a full graphic design tool, and this is reflected throughout the app’s entirety.

Its photo adjustment tab does its job and does it well, allowing all the usual brightness, contrast, and saturation sliders as well as settings to alter blur, x-process, and more.

What’s truly stellar, however, is Canva’s varied and professional built-in stock photos and app integration. The first of these likely have everything you need, but if not?

The app integration is a lifesaver with Pexels, Pixabay, YouTube, and even GIPHY right there for all your content-inclusion needs.


  • User-friendly regardless of experience
  • Font selection is varied
  • Very cost-effective
  • Plenty of included stock images


  • Templates aren’t as impressive as in other applications
  • Free version can be somewhat limiting
  1. VSCO


The VSCO girl trend may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the app, but it deserves more of a legacy than only this.

VSCO is actually a respectable photography application and sharing platform that functions on a “creator-first” basis. It encourages both creativity and simplicity, focusing on minor fixes and adjustments to create the best-looking photos possible without making them look too edited.

The editing solution isn’t quite up there with the likes of Photoshop or Crello and company, but it’s perfected the basics and done it in style.

Best Features

As said before, the VSCO app isn’t here for the dramatic changes and content creation that some others out there are. Instead, it’s all about the small details.

Get those right, and the photo will look fantastic. Luckily, the app offers a suite of features to help in this endeavor. Although, two of the best include X-skew and Y-skew, which allows you to effectively stretch the photo along its respective axis to change the photo’s angle.

The camera controls are also a hit, aiding you in shooting the best product photography, ad photography, or anything else you can throw at it.


  • Filters aren’t overly stylized but still make a big difference
  • Allows for frustration-free angle changes
  • Advanced camera controls
  • Angle modification truly changes the photo editing game


  • A bit too simple for eCommerce and other businesses to use as an all-in-one solution
  • Most filters require the paid version
  • Other paid software makes more financial sense
  1. Adobe Lightroom


While Adobe may have already had one product make this list, Lightroom still more than deserves a spot amongst the top elite.

Slick and well-designed, it has some powerful editing tools within its depths, and its constant updates just keep adding even more.

Photo Merge-HDR, downloadable and customizable presets, RAW file editing and uncommon adjustment tools are only a few of the things that make it stand out from the crowd.

Still, these alone make the photo editing app a special buy for any eCommerce brand, professional photographer, or devoted graphics artist.


Best Features

The unusual and underrepresented features shine when you’re dealing with such professional and thorough editing solutions – and this is no different with Lightroom.

Many of them aren’t even direct photography tools and are instead quality of life upgrades and shortcuts. Setting transfer and a Quick develop panel are two of our favorites as they allow you to apply image adjustments and preset applications with a single click instead of several.

You then get more done in less time. What’s not to like about that?


  • Simpler to master than many other apps
  • Robust and clean UI
  • Plenty of editing tools to play around with
  • Available free and paid, mobile and PC


  • Fairly expensive
  • Limited sharing options
  • Fine detail alterations are better suited to Photoshop
  1. BeFunky


Don’t recognize this one on the list? BeFunky is a comprehensive editor and graphic design solution that’s made specifically to craft marketing campaigns.

eCommerce brands, pay attention! Fonts, frames, and filters get the focus they deserve, with tons offered even in the free version. Cropping, color, and temp edits and overlays haven’t been forgotten either, adding up to an editor you can trust.

There are also no ads, no watermarks, and no other unnecessary distractions, so you can do what you do best with no interruptions.

Best Features

As to be expected, BeFunky’s interface is intuitive and not overly crowded or complex. This allows just about anyone to pick it up and use it to its full potential, all without too much of a struggle.

Beyond just the user-friendliness of the app, its drag and drop editing themed effects, and templates are real stars of the show.

Integrated stock photo options through Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash just sweeten the deal for a photo editing app that can do a little bit of everything.


  • Free and inexpensive premium option
  • Features partnerships with several stock image sites
  • Navigation is a cinch


  • No eraser tool is a total pain
  • Many features are behind a paywall
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