Amazon Featured Offer: A Comprehensive Guide

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amazon featured offer
Amazon featured offer

Introduction to the Amazon Featured Offer

The Amazon Featured Offer, formerly known as the Buy Box, is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance the visibility of your products and boost your sales on Amazon.

It is a dynamic feature that appears at the top right of a product detail page, above the ‘Buy Now’ button.

This feature elevates your products above the competition, helping customers find what they need and compare alternatives based on factors such as product price, condition, and shipping speed.

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Understanding the Amazon Featured Offer

Amazon Featured Offer is not just a random selection. It is an automated component that recommends products to enhance the online shopping experience.

The products that make it into the Featured Offer are carefully selected based on a set of criteria that can vary from category to category.

a person trying to understand something
A person trying to understand something

Amazon Featured Offer Eligibility

offer eligibility
Offer eligibility

Not all items are eligible for the Featured Offer. For instance, some categories like books are not eligible. For the qualifying product categories, items can make it into the Featured Offer based on the following criteria:

  • Competitive prices: Featured Offer prices are typically lower than or equal to comparable options.
  • Stocked inventory: Running out of stock can knock an item out of the running for the Featured Offer. It’s crucial to maintain adequate levels of inventory to meet customer demand at all times. For instance, if you expect an uptick in orders, order a surplus to avoid a shortfall. Monitor stock levels in Seller Central by going to Inventory and then Inventory Planning. If you won’t be able to manage an Amazon storefront for a period of time, then set your account to inactive to avoid out-of-stocks and unhappy customers. You can also set up notifications of dwindling inventory levels using the Amazon Selling Coach page. Learn more in this guide to Amazon SEO.
  • Fast delivery: Quick delivery times can appeal to customers. Products should also arrive within expected timeframes.
  • Product condition: The Featured Offer is for new or like-new goods.
  • Customer satisfaction: Happy customers are a key factor in the selection process.

How to Become the Featured Offer

increase your sales and profits
Increase your sales and profits

Becoming the Featured Offer can dramatically increase your sales and profits. Here are some best practices to help you achieve this coveted position:

Offer Fast and Free Shipping


If you choose to fulfill orders yourself through Amazon’s Merchant Fulfilled Network, then you’re responsible for shipping rates and delivery times.

You can adjust shipping fees and details by visiting Shipping Settings in your seller dashboard. Another option is to sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to offer fast, free shipping to Prime members.

FBA allows you to leverage Amazon’s global fulfillment networks and get orders to customers within two days or even provide next-day or same-day delivery. Learn how to get started with Amazon FBA.

Price Products Competitively


Featured Offer prices are commonly at or below the lowest priced alternatives. To help with adjusting prices, Amazon provides several tools such as the Pricing Dashboard, Selling Coach Pricing Report, and Automate Pricing.

These tools provide real-time data on prices for Amazon sellers competing for the Featured Offer and give alerts for adjusting prices to remain competitive.

Provide Excellent Customer Service


Providing excellent customer service is crucial to becoming the Featured Offer. Monitor your performance metrics such as Pre-Fulfillment Cancellation Rate, Late Shipment Rate, and Valid Tracking Rate under Account Health within Seller Central. Providing excellent customer service is also a key factor in optimizing Amazon A+ content.

Monitoring Your Featured Offer Presence

You can monitor Featured Offer performance and product eligibility using the Manage Inventory product list. This tool can help you see if you can make adjustments in price, shipping offers, customer service, or other improvements.

watch your profit grows
Watch your profit grows

Increasing Your Featured Offer Sales Potential

The Featured Offer can be a game-changer when it comes to reaching broader audiences and seeing sales go up. Use the tips and tools we’ve covered to gain traction and grow visibility for products.

For more inspiration on adjusting your strategy to meet eligibility and grow your business, check out this beginner’s guide for Amazon sellers.


Making products eligible for the Featured Offer can be a strategic way to increase visibility and sales potential.

Analyze your overall performance to spot opportunities for improvement, or get in touch with seller support. All you need is a Professional selling plan to qualify for the opportunity to achieve the Featured Offer spot.

For more information on maximizing your sales potential, check out this guide on maximizing Amazon Prime Day 2023.


The Amazon Featured Offer, formerly known as the Buy Box, is a feature that appears on the product detail page where customers can add items for purchase to their cart. It’s a coveted spot as the majority of sales go through the Featured Offer.

The Amazon Featured Offer is not a static feature. It rotates among sellers who are eligible based on factors like price, availability, and customer service.

Sellers with professional accounts who have demonstrated excellent performance and commitment to customer service are eligible. The product must be new and available in stock.

To win the Featured Offer, you need to excel in several areas including price, customer service, and delivery. Using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can also increase your chances.

Yes, using FBA can increase your chances because Amazon prioritizes its own logistics network. However, it’s not a guarantee and you still need to excel in other areas.

You can monitor your performance using Amazon’s Seller Central. It provides a detailed report on your performance metrics and gives you insights on how to improve.

If you run out of stock, your product will lose its Featured Offer status. It’s important to manage your inventory effectively to avoid this.

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