How To Achieve Consistently Good Brand Product Images


The goal of any marketer is to manage to get consistency of brand product images. It does not matter if you are posting on social media or your WooCommerce site, your images really must make the brand instantly recognizable.

Is it easy to do? It is not unachievable. What you need to appreciate, that it is not only about your images. Your text and presentation both play a huge role. However, it can be done, but you need to stick to a few vital principles to get results. 

We have put together a guide to how you can produce brand product images that instantly help online shoppers to recognize your brand.

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Getting The Text Right

The content provided on your eCommerce or on your social media accounts represents the brand just as much as your images. Every time a customer reads about one of your products, the branded content should more or less follow the same pattern. 

That way, a returning customer knows where to find the information he or she is looking for. New customers also benefit from a clear and concise text. When the text is too wordy, a customer will simply stop reading. 

It depends on your product, but ideally, any accompanying text should be about 150 words. Breaking it up is another trick. If you are writing 150 words make sure that you break it up into three paragraphs. 

In your text, use keywords and other phrases your customers associate with your product.

Tone also matters. Once again, the tone may vary depending on what kind of product you are selling. Legal or very factual languages is right for more expensive specialist products such as medical equipment

The text needs to reflect your brand product images. If you are selling beach balls, the text should be more fun and upbeat. But, when you sell technical products, the text needs to demonstrate the value of the product by being more factual.

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uniformity shooting product photography

What Is Concept Uniformity?

Let me give you an example. All of us are familiar with high-end brands such as Gucci and Chanel. Not only do we recognize them instantly by their famous logos. We also recognize the brand symbols. That is the Gucci G and the two famous back to back C’s from Chanel. 

What if someone at Gucci went berserk and decided to add Minions logos to all of the bags? What would happen to the product value? 

First of all, we would probably assume that it is not a Gucci bag or pair of shoes at all. We would think it is some cheap copy product from China and not buy it. It does not matter if Gucci has struck a deal with the Minions creator. The fact that the Gucci bag of your dreams now has a Minions sticker on it will lower the value of the product. 

Although we all wish our favorite brands and designer would jazz things up a little, we don’t want to see fundamental changes. A yellow Minion’s sticker would represent a fundamental change.

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Socially Responsible Messages

social media platforms

We have started to perceive big businesses almost as governments. As a matter of fact, we expect them to do many of the same things governments do. That includes sponsoring vaccination programs and research into how to cure the diseases that plague mankind. 

A good example would be Microsoft. They are ploughing millions of dollars into research on how to prevent and stop malaria. It is their “social message.”

What social message is your brand product images going to be associated with? It may not be important when you first launch, but gradually, your customers will want to see a socially responsible message. 

Brand product images are often accompanied by a message on most social media platforms. What is yours? 

Visual Consistency Matters

When it comes to visual consistency and brand product images, it is important to find your own approach. French fashion house Sezane are very good at it. 

All of their clothes are photographed in a certain way and speak volumes about the company. As a matter of fact, they have been using the same models for years. 

The first thing you will notice about Sezane is that their models’ ethnicity. The girls come from all sorts of different ethnic backgrounds. Sezane does not make a big deal about it, but you can tell one girl is black while another one of their regular models clearly has Middle Eastern origins. 

Sezane’s clothes are not photographed with expensive accessories or in exclusive settings. The product text is simple but yet emphasizes the clothes are made from merino wool or organic cotton. 

In other words, this is the message Sezane is sending out: 

● It is an inclusive fashion brand for everybody
● Their products are not overpriced but still made from good quality materials

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How Can You Keep Your Brand Product Images Consistent and Project A Message?

Using a specific color palette helps. You will find that many brands do this and it is intentional. Take a look at some of the leading brands and you will find that one specific color appears more or less everywhere. It is in the background, the logo and the background. 

Using the right models matter as well. As we have already mentioned, Sezane tells the world it is a brand for everybody and your ethnicity does not matter. 

The Final Verdict

It is not easy to keep both text and brand product images consistent but you can do it. It is a bit like establishing a thread that can run through everything that you do as a business. When you find that certain something, stick to it like glue.

If you have ever worked for a big brand you will know how “fussy” they are when it comes to words and colors. It has to be exactly right. You should aim for the same thing.

Many of us know a song from the first note or key. That is how you know that you got a hit on your hands. Getting your brand’s consistency right can be compared to striking the perfect note.

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