The Guide On Writing Branded Content For Social Media

 Now almost every business, whether big or small, has at least one social media account. Still, not every entrepreneur or business owner knows what kind of brand content they have to post to achieve visible results.

We have put together a guide on writing brand content for social media. Learn what is really important, and the results will not keep you waiting for too long.

1.   Audience over Products


If you want to build a product that will make your business successful, opt for building your audience first. With high-quality content, you can turn your loyal audience into paying customers. Any social media platform is an excellent gift of modern days since it gives you a perfect ground for your content distribution. Engage your audience, providing them with valuable content, and you will see your business thriving very soon.

For example, Moleskine, a well-known producer of planners, notebooks, etc., posts photos from budding artists who use Moleskine products on their Instagram. With a reach of 244k followers, it’s often an honor for fans of Moleskine to get featured.

moleskine instagram post

Source @moleskine


2.   Know Your Audience


It is necessary to speak the same language as your audience. And for that, you should know your current and potential clientele. Research the audience’s needs and social media platforms that they use. What obstacles or challenges do your clients face? Focus on specific issues and address them with a solution that your product or services provide.

For example, the Adidas brand created the campaign “All Adidas,” which shows that their products are perfect for different sports, cultures, and lifestyles. Each client will find exactly what they need in Adidas’ social media accounts.

all adidas campaign

Source adidas-is-all-in


3.   Never Stop Experimenting


Branded content that you create should reach the right people and engage them. Since internet trends are changing, your approaches and strategies must also vary. Don’t be afraid of trying new perspectives to bring more zest to your campaigns.

One of the most brilliant and unexpected marketing experiments is The Lego Movie.  A brand that produces toys for children chooses such an unusual way of advertising. Their sales increased as many kids and adults wanted to buy Lego products.

the lego movie instagram page

Source thelegomovie


4.   Find Your Unique Style


Social media platforms are full of dull and similar brand content, so sometimes it’s hard to distinguish one brand from another. Of course, you should address your target audience, but the story should be shared in your unique voice. It requires consistency throughout all the content you create. Such an approach will help your audience link with you emotionally, build trust, add the conversion and identify you, and remember the content. 

Another prominent and noticeable example is Tiffany’s Instagram page. Many accounts present jewelry, but you will understand immediately whose blue color and old-school charm is.

tiffany instagram page

Source tiffanyandco


5.   Vary Your Content


Depending on your particular audience, your methodology should differ. Thus, it should be flexible and adaptable. Implement all the available formats, showcase how your company operates and share your values. You need to find and create a balance of personal and professional content. Engage the audience and keep your followers curious about the new updates.

The Cisco company picked an exciting way to share its values. They asked their employees worldwide to share their experience of working with the company that takes care of them. These stories were posted on Instagram, and consumers saw the new brand’s philosophy and value.

cisco instagram page

Source wearecisco


6.   Use Breathtaking Visuals


The importance of visuals is getting more and more apparent. Visuals can be excellent support when gaining attention and increasing engagement. Use relevant images, graphics, or videos – anything that will help you tell a better story.

As an example, Hello Fresh created the Flavor Generator to motivate people to cook at home. You can add some of your preferences, and the generator will pick the recipe for a dish that you can cook right away. Looks like a friendly visual and interactive brand content, isn’t it?

flavor generator by hello fresh

Source flavour-generator

For best results, improve each part of visual content for the platform you’re posting it on to ensure your message is shared and you look professional.


7.   Always Be Caring


The modern world presents numerous opportunities to make a meaningful change within a society. Many famous brands are taking this chance as yet another marketing opportunity. Addressing key issues that your potential customers are worried about is a great way to get noticed. Research shows that 80% of consumers are ready to pay more for the brands that effectively support critical issues as they feel that they are also a part of an effective social campaign.

For example, Adidas, IKEA, Apple, Disney, and hundreds more support the LGBTQ community by launching special marketing campaigns. They are excellent branded content examples to take inspiration for your marketing campaigns. People will see that you care, and they will appreciate your efforts.

lgbtq marketing campaign

Source adsoftheworld


8. Post Authentic Reviews


Run a review campaign on your products within diverse consumer categories and share their feedback. You will be surprised by the number of visitors on your page as this method is an excellent way of advertising, since it gives a feeling of getting an unsolicited view on a product – just like from someone you know.

A great example of reviews’ power is Trip Advisor. On their website and social media accounts, they accumulate millions of reviews that create a reputation for many hotels, restaurants, and other spots.

trip advisor instagram page

Source tripadvisor


9.   Establish a Connection


Do you have a unique slogan? Incorporate it into your content. Try to make an emotional relationship with your audience by touching their souls.

A great example of such branding is Nike, which uses its “Just Do It” mindset during all social media campaigns: inspiring posts, stories, etc.

People love Nike not only for a quality product but also because they see that Nike does care.

nike instagram post



10.   Stay Relevant

Always keep your finger on the market’s pulse. Be ready to modify your brand content scheme according to new trends or your audience’s updated needs. Our world is volatile, so your business should be able to react immediately.

Beer brand “Corona” made a super-relevant social entertainment that will take part in saving the environment. They established recycling machines from which users can get a beer in exchange for plastic bottles. Seems interesting, right?

corona recycling machine



11.   Adapt To the Format


After you’ve decided what social media platform to use, it is crucial to determine the proper format. Keep in mind that most people will read your content on smartphones, so visual and text elements should be readable. Aim at being user-friendly.

For example, LUSH Cosmetics creates great user-generated content from Instagram, and they use all its features and possibilities to the full extent. Every day’s stories and posts keep their audience engaged.

lush cosmetics instagram page 

Source lushcosmetics


12.   Start with a Great Headline


We all value our time, and we don’t want to spend too much reading long marketing texts. But with a proper catchy headline, you can win some minutes of your client’s time and share your content intention.



13.   Determine What Works and Use It


After analyzing your audience, you need to find a platform that will work best for your brand since not every tool in a marketer’s arsenal is suitable. For example:

  • Twitter has a mostly male audience, with 69% of male users and only 31% of females.
  • Instagram has a predominantly female audience, with 52% of female users and 48% of males.
  • Facebook is used mostly by females as well, with 55.4% of female audiences and 44.6% of males.

So, depending on your potential customers, you should choose a platform that corresponds to their needs.


14.   Make Data Interesting


The less is more. However, if you still need to tell more, use bullet points, paragraph breaks, and headings to make your text easier for scanning. Adding some visualization can help you avoid wordiness. Combine formats and create your engaging brand content in the most effective way.

WebpageFX created useful infographics, where people get information in an entertaining way.


15.   Provide Ways for Sharing It


As with any web content, it will be useful to add some call to action, which should inspire your readers to take action upon reading your content, like:

  • The post’s sharing;
  • Visiting your site, blog, or store;
  • Subscribing to your newsletter;
  • Asking a question;
  • Connecting with you via other social media networks, etc.

Also, you can use CTA if you collaborate with a paid guest posting service. It will help you promote your brand by writing texts for some blogs that will include links to your page.

You probably have seen shops on Instagram. They all provide a full catalog of their products and have a “View on Website” button. This workflow is friendly and useful as a consumer can notice your product on the feed and easily reach your webpage. 

hm view on website button

Source hm


Final thoughts


Your social media content is a crucial part of your social media marketing, so do not underestimate the importance of producing high-quality branded content. Know your audience and market trends, use best practices, be different, and be caring. Start with a small, follow the tips in this article, and you will be on your way to social media success.

Marie Barnes is a Marketing Communication Manager at Adsy, a paid guest posting service. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs.

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