5 Types of Visual Content You Need to Use in Your Marketing Campaigns.

Modern marketing employs a lot of tools for promotion. Remember: a business has only several seconds to evoke an interest in a potential customer, and it’s crucial to use them wisely.

Communication must be fast, clear, and figurative. That’s why visualization comes first today. Visual marketing helps to perceive information faster, evoke emotions, appeal to the sensual experience of the client, and even shape values.

People remember visual information better. According to recent studies, out of all the info perceived audibly, only 10% will stay remembered in three days. However, if you add visuals over the same period, memorization rises to 65%.

5 types of visual content for effective marketing
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Visual Content Statistics

Why is visual content important? Take a look at the statistics that prove it:

  • 74% of SMM professionals use visuals in their social media promotion strategy examples.
  • Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text information. This means that any information you want to convey is assimilated faster in the form of an image.
  • Research shows that more than 60% of marketers worldwide planned to increase their investment in video marketing in 2019.
  • Emails that include the word “video” in the title increase CTR by up to 65%.
  • The visualization shows your products without telling people about them. This allows viewers to make their own decisions without being pressured by your business.

5 Types of Visual Content For Effective Marketing


Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right visuals for your ads. Visual content can be the secret element that will make your publication stand out from thousands of similar entries. It will also be useful for customer retention. That’s why we’ve selected the most relevant types of visual content for effective marketing.

  1. Pictures/Photo

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of visual content is pictures. A picture can sometimes say more than a thousand words and deliver a message in just a few seconds.

The merit of images is that they dilute long articles and take away their monotony and boredom. In addition, high-quality images influence better memorability and help readers understand the essence of the material faster with the motivation to make a purchase.

If your goal is to increase sales, then it is extremely important to use high-quality photos that show your product/service from the best side. It will not be superfluous to even make it perfect.

Look at photos of food, clothes – they look better in the photo than in real life. Such processing services are provided by different retouching services and freelancers on Upwork.

      2. Infographics

graphical abstract infographics
Graphical abstract infographics

Marketers attribute the reasons for the popularity of infographics to the following:

  • Make posts more readable and draws extra attention;
  • Reflects important issues;
  • Make messages brighter and avoids monotony;
  • It is accessible to everyone and communicates information easily;
  • Adds credibility to texts.

Infographics are the ideal type of visual marketing for your social media if you have important data to reflect.

  1. Video

Another popular type of visual content is video. Over 60% of readers who watch a video are more likely to buy products and services.

It’s best to create short and memorable videos, no matter how long your post is. Video content can do a great job of supporting your brand and highlighting all of its benefits. A half-minute video will show the consumer much more than a long article.

  1. Graphics

Statistically reflecting your material with useful graphics and charts can illustrate relationships or comparisons between items.

Graphics can contain graphs, columns, areas, Gantt charts, and patterns. They all help readers see things that are not so obvious.

  1. Buttons with a call to action

Use call-to-action buttons in your marketing campaign such as “Buy Now”, “Join”, “Post”, “Get Free Trial”, “Get Free”. They can be placed on buttons and play an essential role in your visual content marketing strategy.

Don't Forget to Visualize Your Business' Social Media

visualize your business' social media
Visualize your business' social media

Image generates more traffic on social networks, so brands create accounts on the most popular visual networks – Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube.

Images and videos on these social media sites evoke a reaction in potential customers and motivate them to buy. It works because consumers tire of the abundance of textual information.

That’s why it’s high time for small businesses to take a closer look at promoting on these social media platforms.

Fortunately, today there are options for detailed and fast social media analysis. In addition, users can simply plan posts in advance and not worry.

The Principles of Successful Visual Marketing


  • Use storytelling in your content marketing.

Use Storytelling! It is even better when accompanied by images. The laws of drama state that every story should have an introduction, a development, and an ending. Use this in your content.

Luckily, technology is so advanced today that you can even make a great movie using only your smartphone. Believe me, you can do it! You don’t have to think that your audience expects Hollywood quality. On the contrary, it’s good when ordinary people are behind the “story,” and readers see that sincerity.

  • Process your photos and videos.

You don’t want to share mediocre shots with a crooked horizon or videos where you forgot to crop the beginning and end. Today, in the age of free photo editing software, you can make professional corrections in minutes.

  • Set yourself apart from the competition.

Nowadays, people are surrounded by visuals and marketing noise anywhere and at almost any time of the day or night. For the most part, we don’t pay attention to the surrounding advertising. 

We don’t have the time or the desire for it. If you want your content to be more appealing than others, never do it like everyone else.


When thinking about a visual marketing strategy, think about who could be that brand for your business. After all, it’s also an element of a brand’s visual identity.

Don’t forget about personalization, either. Almost every major brand is willing to give its customer a personal manager to provide a unique loyalty program. This can and should be applied to any business, especially when it comes to selling services.

Visual marketing will help find the shortest route to the client’s consciousness through arguments and emotions.

Saturate your messages with arguments and images; use the four types of information; test visual images before communicating with consumers.

Use visual marketing because you have less and less time to capture your audience’s attention.

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