Before You Name Your Fashion Brand: Four Widespread Mistakes to Avoid

Fashion brand naming - what to know

As an entrepreneur looking to build a strong fashion brand, you must be aware that one mistake can frustrate all your efforts, especially if it’s in your choice of a brand name. 

And that’s because, when all is said and done, your customers are going to primarily identify your business through its name. So, making sure your brand identity is a perfect representation of your business is the best thing you can do for your fashion company if you want it to survive in this highly competitive industry.

And to go about picking out the best brand name for your business, you can choose to either brainstorm, use a good brand name generator, or get the services of a renowned naming company. 

But whatever method you choose to go about picking a name with, always look out for the following common errors that can break your fashion brand.

Names That Have a Negative Connotation

Customers are typically drawn to firms that hold similar views on subjects such as politics, social concerns, and the environment.

They have strong sentiments about these delicate matters. And although others see it as a strategy to get attention, if your firm decides to take on these issues, even if not with your brand’s name, you’ll wind up repelling a portion of your audience since people who are opposed to a certain cause are less inclined to buy your products.

Also, following in the footsteps of firms like Urban Decay and Kat Don V and releasing products with inappropriate names like ‘Drugie’ or ‘Underage Red,’ can bring your company a lot of criticism from the public.

Difficult-to-Pronounce Company Names


We encourage fashion businesses to avoid names that would be excessively difficult for their customers to say. Truth be told no customer feels obliged to remember a company name that isn’t memorable in the first place.

You should know that 80% of buyers forget about branded goods after three days. So, to reduce the chance of this harming your brand, make your fashion brand name memorable by keeping it short and simple.

You’ll need a name that sounds pleasant and glides off the tongue if you want your fashion brand name to leave a lasting impact on your clients because even the most elaborate and sophisticated name cannot compete with the welcoming environment created by a simple one.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to get a brand name that lends your domain name this quality of simplicity by getting a premium domain for sale

Cringe Foreign Interpretations

Commercials have a broad and powerful impact on people all over the world, who can easily find your brand on the internet. These clients will quit using your products or services if your company’s name is objectionable in their language.

As a consequence, when searching for a brilliant brand name, every entrepreneur needs to perform an extensive study to guarantee that the name chosen is not insulting to clients in other nations.

Because, like Mazda’s Laputa and Nokia’s mobile phone, Lumia, which were accepted in every other area of the world but rejected by the Spanish people due to their nasty reputation as slang words in Spanish for ‘prostitute,’ failing to undertake proper research could wreck your brand.

So, whether you run a local or global fashion company, you should always consider how people from different regions of the world perceive and interact with your brand’s name.

Choosing an Emotionally Inspired Brand Name


It’s no secret that we all experience some level of emotion when faced with a variety of options, especially when it comes to naming an idea, product, or service.

And, just as we invest our time emotionally picking out names that would suit our business, we shouldn’t ignore the point of coming up with a name that will give your fashion brand the best chance at success in the market.

Don’t be too guided by your emotions to let them influence the totality of your decisions. Adopting a name based on how you feel about it as opposed to proper research could affect the influence of the name and the growth of your organization.

And, the same way Sergey and Larry got the word ‘Google’ from a customer who misspelled their brand name, you should be more concerned about how your customer feels about a name than how you feel about it. One way you can get this done is by trying it out on a subset of your target audience.

If you find your customers love a name from the survey, you should go ahead and consider it. If they don’t like it, go over the potential names you’ve gathered and find one they do.

Prioritize Your Customers

Always remember that your customers are the sole reason for your brand’s existence, so make certain that they are placed first. Entrepreneurs that fail to focus on their clientele and their company’s essential requirements generally end up with failed brand names.

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