The Perfect Valentine Gift Guide for Online Sellers in 2021

According to, an estimated 29% of those shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts this year will make their purchase online. Each year, this number keeps growing. At first glance that percentage may not seem that impressive.

wrapped gift-box with small pink heart on its top surrounded by rose petals
wrapped gift-box with small pink heart on its top surrounded by rose petals

However, think about all of the people you know who purchase some sort of Valentine’s Day gift, and imagine that around 29% of them will head to online stores to make that purchase. The fact that more and more people than ever before are making gift purchases online is an amazing opportunity for online sellers hoping to grow their businesses.

As February draws closer, consumers will head to online shops to seek the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for their loved one. As a tip to sellers, these customers will also be seeking quick shipping options. So, what types of products should online sellers include in their stores to entice consumers to purchase from them?

There are a variety of products that, every year, are routinely highly sought after for Valentine’s Day gifts. Here are four categories, along with product ideas, to serve as a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for online sellers seeking hot items to stock in their stores:

Something They Can Wear


nude fluffy home slippers with pompon on pastel grey background. top view. copy space. cozy home footwear. sweet home and spa, body treatment concept

This type of gift can go in a few different directions. Many consumers enjoy going the cozy route and getting their partner something like a special pair of UGG slippers or even a fuzzy robe to wear around the house during the cooler months.

Consumers enjoy purchasing these comfort items because they are practical and can be worn and enjoyed after the holiday. For your customers who want to make a sexy or gag gift purchase, you could stock items like Valentine’s Day heart boxers or themed underwear.

Other common Valentine’s Day wearable gifts include themed socks, hats, or even gloves. In this category of “wearables”, you could also consider looking into wallets and purses as special Valentine’s Day gifts.


Something They Can Eat



Edible gifts definitely do not last long, but that does not mean they don’t make an impact while they’re here! Chocolates are a very common Valentine’s Day gift to get someone. Whether the receiver is male, female, young, or old there is an edible Valentine’s Day gift out there for everyone.

In your online store you can stock and sell popular candy brands such as Ferrero Rocher or even Dove Chocolates. These brands are very well known and delicious, and so they are highly sought after for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Of course, there are always those who do not have a sweet tooth. If you choose to stock a more savory option you could opt for cheese and meat sets. These are easy to sell, because they taste good, they are securely pre-wrapped, and they do not expire quickly!


Something They Can Cherish


valentines day. love. teddy bear with candies sweets hearts. minimal. art. cute bear on pink hearts background, dessert. love, fun romantic style, vintage creative

Sometimes, customers aim to give their loved ones gifts that are meaningful and can be kept and appreciated over time. These items can include collectibles such as Valentine’s Day teddy bears that can sit as decorations on the bed to remind the recipient of good memories.

Or, you could stock items in your online store such as a collectible music box that plays classic songs that most people can connect with. These items are general enough so that many people can appreciate them, and also specific to the Valentine’s Day holiday so they are sure to sell during this time of the year.

Cherishable gift items that are sure to sell also include trending perfumes, candles, and even pictures frames they can purchase and customize.


Something They Can Show Off


rose and diamond ring

Every woman or man likes to be able to proudly answer the question, “So, what did he (or she) get you for Valentine’s Day?” It isn’t always about the gifts or how expensive they are but, sometimes, it is nice to be able to show your friends and family that gorgeous or stylish wallet, purse, or piece of jewelry your loved one gifted you on Valentine’s Day.

So, whether you are an online seller targeting male or female, or both, customers there are a variety of gifts you can stock that they will be proud to “show off”! For example, diamond stud earrings are always a popular Valentine’s Day gift for sellers to keep in stock. Jewelry, in general, is a trending gift option every year that can come in a variety of styles and with many different price points.

Designers, or even just stylish, watches are also a popular gift option for both men and women. Who doesn’t like to receive jewelry as a gift? While this product type can be costly up front for sellers, they are a sure way to bring traffic to your store during the holidays!


Closing Tips


Finding the perfect items to stock your online store with for Valentine’s Day can be a daunting task for online sellers. You don’t want to choose items so specialized and specific to just Valentine’s Day that you run the risk of having leftover stock after the holiday.

At the same time, you don’t want to choose products that are so everyday and common that customers won’t view the item as giftable for Valentine’s Day. Choose items that are commonly sought after as romantic gifts for the holiday but, on an average day, could also be purchased for a birthday or even another holiday.

Items such as jewelry, candy, snacks, and even wearable items are practical but also great gift options. In addition to picking the right products for your store, you may want to review your delivery options. Many people nowadays rely on quick shipping, especially for those of us who are last-minute planners!

Unappealing shipping options can be a quick way to lose sales that could have been successful if only you had been able to get the products to your customers quicker. Discovering the right Valentine’s Day products for your online store combined with great customer service is the perfect recipe for a successful season.

For more holiday seller tips, visit our article Holiday Gift Guide for Online Sellers which offers universal tips and tricks for purchasing products for your online store for the holidays.

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