Tips for Perfect Amazon Product Photos

Any established e-retailer can attest to the fact that various eCommerce websites, including Amazon, Google Shopify , and eBay, have specific product image requirements.


You will need more than just your winning personality to succeed on the Amazon eCommerce platform. This being the case, you need to come up with impressive product images for the items you are selling. They must also conform to Amazon product image requirements.
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There are various ways you can create product images that comply with image requirements. You want them impressive enough to enhance your online reputation. The following tips will help you optimize sales online, through Amazon product photos.


Understanding Amazon Product Photos Requirements


The various e-commerce platforms have different image requirements. This may vary from time to time. For instance, Amazon recently altered their image requirements. This affected the Jewelry product images that may be used on their platform.

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what are the image requirements on Amazon?

amazon product


  • All image backgrounds need to be pure white
  • The image of the product should occupy at least 85 percent of the photo frame
  • The photos should not have watermarks, mannequins, borders, logos, and text.
  • While the recommended image width is 2560px, the apparel bare minimum, on the longest side is 1001px.
  • The bare minimum for other product images, on the longest side, is 500px.
These are just general guidelines. Bearing in mind that the requirements vary depending on the product category.
You should first understand photo requirements for your products beforehand. This will prevent your images from being rejected on the platform.


Use Product Images That are Appealing to Potential Buyers

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In addition to ensuring that your product images are compliant with image requirements by Amazon, you should also ensure that the images are captivating enough to convince potential buyers to buy your products. It is advisable to vet your images before uploading them.

You can do this by trying to imagine what the customers will think of them. Think of yourself as the customer and ascertain whether the Amazon product photos are convincing enough to make you want to buy the products.

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Action Shots


Again, you should also compare the image to product photos posted by your competitors on similar items. The image you are uploading should offer your potential buyers all the details of the product. They should stand out from images uploaded by your competition.

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A good number of product images used on Amazon today are of poor quality, hence less likely to drive traffic to your website or impress potential buyers. To stand out from your competition on this eCommerce platform, you should only upload professionally-lit and high-resolution product images that focus on a white background. Additionally, the Amazon product photos you use to advertise your products should be well touched up to eliminate tinny flaws.


Such an image will not be rejected on the platform and is more likely to impress potential buyers. Increased interest in your product photos by your customers will translate into increased clicks and sales, hence increasing your online retailer reputation.
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