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Along with technological developments, modern buyers are used to researching everything before buying and seek validations to make any choice. This means that their demands are becoming more and more. But how do you understand and adapt to your customers’ behavior to make your business more attractive and reliable?

The answer to this question is in one tool, which is CRM. Responsible for maintaining customer relationships at the highest level of personalization, this software represents much of what an online business needs to succeed.  Below you will see the 7 best CRM for an online business for you to choose the one you will implement in your business.

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But first, what is CRM?





Customer Relationship Management is a management application that automates the relationship between business and customers. This application allows you to perform in-depth or detailed management of customers. It also presents the interactions already carried out to establish an increasingly personalized relationship with the user.

In most situations, data is provided in real-time, which facilitates the management of your business. You can follow your lead’s journey and know the best time to sell something to him. Or, if he is already a customer, according to his behavior and preferences, you can offer a discount for a new product.

To be more specific, CRM stores data such as users’ names, addresses, and phone numbers. The software also monitors the person’s relationship with your company, such as visits to your website, phone calls made, emails exchanged, and follow-up for the next actions.

If you use a marketing automation system integrated with CRM, you will also have access to the content that the user has accessed. Thus, you will be even more sure if he is ready for an offer or not.

With this information, you offer something that the lead is really interested in, since the software manages and analyzes interactions, anticipates needs, and improves new customers’ acquisition.


Why do you need CRM for your online business?


CRM software can bring many benefits to your online business because, as its name says, it deals with the management of the client portfolio. Which will allow you to maintain a close relationship with the client, to be able to attend to all their needs, and personalize their treatment both by consumption habits and by other variables

In addition, having CRM software will not only make your customers loyal, but also helps in prospecting for new customers. That is, the more you know your current customers, the greater the chances of getting it right when identifying new customers.

Benefits of a CRM for your online business

First of all, betting on CRM software means betting on loyalty to your customer. Below we show you some advantages that a CRM will provide to your business:

  • Save time and effort. – With CRM software, you will be able to streamline many management tasks in your business.
  • Segmentation of your clients and potential clients. – It will help you segment your customers and potential customers based on the variables you want.
  • Greater customer service. – You can create added value for your customers.
  • More information about your customers. – It will allow you to make better decisions with your customers, which will improve your sales and your profitability, and will increase their degree of satisfaction. In addition, you will be able to know the status of your relationship.



The best CRM software for your online business


1. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot has established itself as a leader in technological marketing. The reputation of its innovative platform is well established. Indeed, their solution allows you to manage marketing and sales from the same interface in order to combine your commercial actions for maximum results.

Available and functional in its free version, HubSpot offers several paid versions with more advanced features to support you in your growth. It stands out as one of the best CRMs for SMEs and start-ups that need an interface with a good user experience.

Lastly, HubSpot provides you with a free version that comes with access to introductory email marketing features, in particular customer relationship management.


  • Ease of use
  • Lead acquisition
  • Contact management tools
  • Integration opportunities


  • Expensive entrance package
  • Basic features on the free plan


Pipedrive-CRM-integration2. Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive is a CRM solution with a strong sales and business process orientation. The tool also facilitates account management and prides itself on having been created by salespeople for salespeople. This tool allows you to visualize the entire sales process from initiation to completion. Very useful in SMEs, it allows you to regroup your sales force around a defined process understood by all for more efficiency.

Offering less marketing functionality than its competitors, Pipedrive remains focused on what it does best, which is optimizing business processes. Easy to learn, the price is also interesting, while the software offers different integrations and customizations.


  • 14 days of a free trial
  • Intuitive interface
  • Great for small businesses with a sales focus
  • There is a great mobile application


• Not as much functionality as some competitors


3. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is the first multi-channel CRM software (phone, chat, email, support ticket, and social media) with ZIA artificial intelligence that helps you identify the best time to contact a potential customer to close a sale.

Specifically, Zoho CRM provides a complete solution to small and large companies to manage customer relationships from any point of contact or channel that is established. This can be either through the web, email, user area, telephone, or chat. This way, you can coordinate sales, marketing, assistance, and customer service from a single space, providing a 360º and omnichannel vision to your business.


  • Easy to use.
  • A large number of functionalities.
  • Social monitoring tools.
  • Ability to track customer information.



  • Few connections for other platforms
  • It is not suitable for all types of companies.


4. Freshsales

Freshsales provides premium high-quality CRM solutions for your business. It brings together all the good features of various Customer relationship management tools and has excellent capabilities to handle new customers and customer relationships.

Unlike other CRM platforms, Freshsales software doesn’t give you a lot of complex feature set, but a neat yet powerful feature set. You will find advanced features such as auto-dealer, call routing affiliate management, etc. When it comes to reporting, this software allows you to get complete statistics on all tasks. In addition, Freshsales CRM helps you to:

  • Identify the prospects most likely to make a sale,
  • Have better conversations with customers
  • Manage your sales funnel efficiently.
  • Compared to other CRM platforms, Freshsales is affordable, making it the best choice for many companies.



  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Ability to customize templates and interfaces.
  • Simple lead management.
  • Excellent customer support,
  • Complementary products.



  • Too many steps to enter data.
  • Not as flexible as they say
  • Little customizable


5. Streak

The main feature of Streak is its complete integration with Gmail. You will be able to manage interactions with your prospects and portfolio clients without leaving your Google account. It is ideal as a CRM for SMEs and freelancers. Its functions are designed to streamline interaction with the target audience.

Therefore, personal information of the sender is automatically recorded, notifications are received when the emails are opened, and also, it allows you to carry out segmented mailing campaigns. Streak is a simple solution, but it goes beyond that and helps you manage the entire workflow from your inbox.


  • Powerful free version
  • Emailing tool
  • Everything in one place


• Dependent on G-suite


6. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a 3-in-1 sales platform with (CRM, Marketing Automation, and Customer Service) specially designed for small businesses looking to make a leap in managing their customer relationships. The platform offers a complete and affordable solution to manage the entire sales funnel of your company and manage the “customer journey” in a comprehensive way from the same application.

Therefore, you will attract potential clients, close agreements, and provide assistance to your clients in the same ecosystem.


  • Easy to use and low learning curve
  • Simple customer segmentation
  • Free trial available
  • Lots of features
  • Excellent support team


  • No support on weekends
  • Somewhat slow interface
  • Few customization options



7. Salesforce

Salesforce is another great CRM software. It is considered one of the most popular CRM software in the world, having been the number 1 CRM provider for five years in a row in 2017.

It is customer-focused with tons of relevant tools that can help solve your business needs. It is feature-rich, to say the least, and can be integrated with different tools that can help in the management of your customers. In addition, salesforce is cloud-based. This means you can install a ready-made solution instead of developing individual systems.


  • Can be customized
  • Quick launch and easy to scale.
  • Accessible round the clock


  • Expensive
  • Endless learning curve



These are some of the most popular CRM applications that can be used to grow your online business. Currently, there are different offers of CRM software on the market.

Therefore it is important to clarify which functions you need most for your company before using CRM software. The costs for CRM software fluctuate a lot and range from free offers to expensive and comprehensive business solutions.