5 Reasons Why More Product Photos Equals More Money

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While the whole “cash is king” thing kind of fell apart the second people realized how easy it is to swipe a card, the related idea still stands.

Money is our most valuable commodity in a world where you’re charged for literally everything.

It’s how we put food on the table, put a roof over our heads, take care of those around us, and maintain the creature comforts and opportunities for fun that make life a little bit easier, make it a little bit more worth living. 

And that goes double for eCommerce venture owners. After all, their dollars aren’t just going to their personal lives; they’re also funding their business, which in turn generates more money.

It’s a cycle with revenue required to keep creating more income. That’s just fine whenever business is booming and the economy is looking good. But therein lies a problem: it never stays like that for long.

There are always lulls, dips, and dives in sales because of a mixture of various factors, controllable and not.

Your job as someone in the eCommerce industry is to maximize profit whenever you can to protect your company and keep yourself afloat in the downtimes (like, for example, a global pandemic). How do you do that, though?

Well, one way is to attach more images to your product offerings. Not following on how that can increase your earnings? Here are five reasons why more product photos equal more money. 

1. Increases Click Rate


According to the good folks at Forbes, you and your business have seven seconds to form a first impression.

That’s not exactly a lot of time to win people over, and it carries over with the products you sell. You only have a few precious moments to wow somebody, or at the very minimum, make them believe that your stock is good enough to warrant further consideration. 

They won’t even click to learn more before this happens, giving you a limited arsenal to work with.

What you do have, though, is product pictures! Post several high-quality ones, and you naturally draw more attention. That gets you more clicks, which in turn earns you more money— simple but powerful stuff. 

2. Builds Consumer Trust

Were you surprised about how quickly people form initial opinions of your business?  Well, if so, you’ll be really shocked by this.

When it comes to establishing integrity, the time you have makes the rate we build first impressions look exceptionally generous.

The science suggests that determining trustworthiness and related traits takes a tenth of a second at most. For context, that’s literally how long it takes for us to blink.

You essentially get one glance from a customer for them to puzzle this out. 

That means no number of compelling descriptions or mission statements, no slick marketing tricks, and no impressive features list will help you out here. It’s all about the visual, and product photos are a big part of that.

Just having several pictures up will do you a world of good, signaling to consumers that you have nothing to hide and are a brand that can be trusted. The result? Higher conversion rates and profit. 

3. Reduces Return Percentages

Consumer trust and click rate have a significant pull over your end revenue, but only focusing on that is a total rookie mistake.

You’ve also got to think about longevity. It’s not just about getting your products off the shelves (although that is a good start); it’s also about keeping them off the shelves. Translation: you need to keep returns at an absolute minimum.

Doing that is admittedly easier said than done. Convenient payment options and super accessible phone apps, plus the ever-growing boredom of being stuck at home, equals a lot of impulse buying, and guilty returns often follow.

However, that said, a whopping 22% of returns are not because of this but rather due to the product looking different from site images.

Put up plenty of pictures from various angles, and you can eradicate nearly a quarter of your return percentages and hold onto more of your cash

4. Strengthens Brand Image

brand image

Besides building up specific site stats, using more product photos also strengthens your total brand image.

And this isn’t purely connected to the fact they establish a certain level of trust between you and the consumer. Your pictures go a long way to setting the overall tone of your site and your brand. 

They establish an aesthetic (something vital, especially if you’re selling jewelry, clothing, or shoes) and provide some clue into your brand’s culture and values.

Together, this seriously strengthens your brand image and provides a more cohesive picture of who you are – and a more effective one, too.

Customers then feel a stronger connection and are more compelled to spend their hard-earned cash.

5. Encourages Sharing

Having lots of images is essential for anyone who wants to maximize their sales potential. Great for brand identity, better click rates, and more, it’s a smart move from many different angles.

Although, there’s one last one we’d be remiss not to mention: they increase social media sharing. That initially might not seem like such a big deal, but it has enormous potential to boost your business. 

After all, millennials are the most significant consumer group/purchasing power right now, and research shows that a whopping 75% of their purchasing decisions are influenced by social media.

Merely having a little product presence on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram can pull in untapped markets, drawing in new loyal customers and maximizing your profits. But before that, you have to have lots of product photos to draw from!  

if you’re looking to increase your online conversion but still feel you are not sure where to start – check out these resources below:

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