Three Essential Leather Photography Tips


When selling leather goods, it is important to know that most buyers seeking to purchase leather accessories and attire are seeking a very specific luxurious experience. 

Customers who are purchasing leather goods online will want to be able to fully gauge the texture, color, and even smell of their product before they hit “add to cart”.

Therefore, it is essential for your leather product photographs to be spot on when representing the quality leather products you are selling! Here are three important leather photography tips to guide you in creating the best images to lead you to more sales and success.

Reveal the Textures

brown leather shoes
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Different types of lighting will reveal and bring out the various textures within your leather products. As you know, leather can come in a shiny finished look or a softer and slightly rougher unfinished look. 

Leather also comes in a wide variety of colors ranging from light creams all the way to the darkest matte blacks.

Whether you use soft, diffused, or even hard lighting will depend solely on the texture and color of the leather products you are photographing. For more information on proper photography techniques for better results, you can visit our article about  The Best Lens for Product Photography.

Capture the Intended Use

The key to selling more leather accessories and clothing items is to show the product as it is intended to be used within the photography. That is, photograph a model using the actual product. 

This will help your customers see how it looks when the product is worn, and it will even encourage them to visualize themselves owning that product!

Purses, wallets, shoes, belts, and even jackets should always include a photograph of the product being worn by a model. Styling your models to look both comfortable and sleek while wearing your product will also entice buyers to purchase an item that may make them feel just as relaxed and stylish.

young elegant businesswoman with black leather handbag moving upstairs in front of camera against riverside and group of modern buildings
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Retouch and Color Correction

Just like when you retouch and color correct photographs to make your human subjects look more attractive and true to life, you will want to make sure you are retouching your leather product photographs. 

Depending on the lighting, untouched product photographs may come out with coloring that is not true to the real shade of the product.

This is why color correction and retouching are important! You wouldn’t want your customers to receive a product that looked one shade of brown on the website but, in real life, is much darker or lighter than advertised. 

Nothing is perfect, and so it is acceptable and encouraged for all product photographers to take a peek at their final work to ensure the best quality image is advertised!

Brown shoes lifestyle high end image

In Conclusion

The trick to selling leather accessories and clothing is to advertise your product with great product photography! Capturing the true and enticing colors and textures of your products will help your buyers imagine how the item will feel and smell in their presence.

Using models to show the intended use of the product will also help your prospective customers visualize the product on their own bodies. Outstanding product photography is a sure way to drive customers to your online store. 

For more information and evidence on this point, check out these 5 Reasons Why More Product Photos Equals More Money.

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