How to Incorporate Video into Your eCommerce Marketing

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Online shopping has quickly overcome the classic brick-and-mortar way of shopping. eCommerce stores were already on the rise, but COVID-19 changed the game when governments temporarily placed bans on who, where, and when in-person shopping could take place. With the new ability to purchase anything, and everything, online consumers are choosing to conduct all of their business virtually rather than in-person.

The Internet moves quickly and, more so now than ever, there is a lot that goes into maintaining consumer attention on your online store. It is no longer as simple as writing product descriptions and placing decent images on the site of the items you are selling.

Incorporating video in various ways on your eCommerce store’s website is essential for maximizing your sales. Check out these five effective ways to incorporate video as a way to market your eCommerce store:


Table of Contents:
  • Up Close and Personal Product Shots
  • Business Mission and Promise Statement
  • Informative Tutorials and Instructional Videos
  • Add An Entertaining or Humorous Aspect
  • Appeal to Their Emotions
  • To Sum It Up


Up Close and Personal Product Shots

how to incorporate video into your ecommerce marketing

It’s a no brainer that consumers will want up-close and personal shots of the item they are about to sell. In addition, they will want images of each side, angle, and aspect of the product so they can be reassured and comfortable in their decision to purchase from your store. You can learn more here about various Tips for DIY e-Commerce Product Photography.

You can make the buyer’s decision to purchase from you even easier by creating up-close product shot videos of the items you are selling. Start out with the lens pulled away from the product, and smoothly zoom in on all angles of the item. These compelling visuals will impress your audience and, at the same time, help you build credibility as a reputable seller.


Social Media Blurbs

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If you haven’t already considered it already, it is important that you build a following on social media for your brand. This will help you create relationships with your buyers and it will also encourage repeat business.

If you follow popular brands, influencers, and celebrities on Instagram and other social media accounts you will find that they use video on a daily basis as a means to sell. Make it a point to post daily product videos, advertisements, and how-to tutorials to keep your eCommerce store relevant. More maximum results, provide your customers with a way to quickly click on a link to bring them to your store or the product they were just viewing in your video.

For more essential information about building your presence, visit our articles about 10-ways-to-get-more-followers-on-Instagram as well as Selling on Instagram: How to Increase Engagement With Personalized Posts.


Appeal to Their Emotions


Especially if you are interested in building trust with your buyers, it may be a good idea for you to consider the idea of creating videos outside of simply advertising your products. Yes, there are definitely an array of videos you can create to build your brand and to tell the story of your business!


For example, you can create a biographical video of you, the store owner, telling the story and inspiration behind your online brand. If your eCommerce store works alongside a charity, you can film a video explaining how 10% of your proceeds are being donated to the Humane Society.

Consumers like to see that face and story behind the brand they are purchasing from. In addition, it may persuade more buyers to purchase from you if you are actively spreading the word about the charity you are supporting alongside your business!


Informative Tutorials and Instructional Videos


Written instructions can be tedious for buyers to read through and figure out. In our digital world, consumers are seeking products that come with the perk of a video tutorial or instructions to make their lives easier and more convenient.

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If you have a product that comes with essential instructions or a much-needed tutorial, it is a great idea for you to take the time to film a video for your buyers. Making the lives of your buyers easier could quite possibly be the selling point the consumer needs to hit “add to cart” on your online store website!

Common Items That Need Tutorials or Instructions:

  • Electronics (how to turn on and personalize)
  • Makeup (how to effectively apply)
  • Furniture (how to successfully and quickly build)
  • Pet Food and Medication (correct amounts and dosages)


Add An Entertaining or Humorous Aspect]

how to incorporate video into your ecommerce marketing

Whether you are creating a quick product video for your Instagram or TikTok or an informative video about your brand for your website, it will help you build a relationship with your consumers to add humorous and entertaining aspects to your videos.

Making entertaining videos will help buyers recognize your brand and even look forward to the next time you release a video. Think about the brands you know that also use entertaining videos to help make their brand memorable. Calvin Klein, Reebok, Coca-Cola, and Truly are all brands known for their amazing video online presence.



To Sum It Up


With the Internet ever-evolving to include new marketing strategies, it is important for eCommerce store owners to stay up-to-date and on pace with these methods. Including video to help promote your brand, products, and online store website is a skill and strategy that is proven to be highly effective.

Reflect on your brand, and think about what types of video you can include to promote your business and products. Does your brand have a compelling backstory? If so, consider filming a video of you (the owner) telling the story of your business. Does your product require some sort of tutorial or instruction? Consider filming a video for your buyer’s to watch. This will most likely make them hit “add to cart” faster, and it will also make their lives easier!


While researching market strategies and making videos are becoming almost a requirement for online stores to be successful, many business owners may find it difficult to keep up. Hiring a Market Agency may be your best bet if you find yourself drowning in marketing information. Before you do, though, consider our

Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Hiring a Marketing Agency

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