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Thinkbaby & Thinksport were created to address the growing concern of harmful chemicals in consumer products. Through education on chemicals like BPA through major media, consumers, and retailers, Think generated a tremendous amount of organic awareness surrounding consumer health issues and provided specific solutions free of harmful chemicals.


What were some major obstacles that faced the business as it was starting out and growing?

Think was well aware of how to produce safe alternatives to many of the products on the shelf. The biggest challenge was shining a bright light on the chemicals commonly found in consumer products. As our goal was not concentrated in one specific area, we grew slowly across each of those areas until the awareness of the problems we were solving grew. We existed well before the idea of “better for you” existed, but once other companies launched, we often went from just a couple of companies to hundreds in a specific category.


How did acquire professional product images from
Pro Photo Studio overcome some of these challenges and
increase your brand identity?
We largely have shot on our own images of products and lifestyle images. While our setups were decent for product images, the move to Pro Photo made a very obvious improvement in the photos. The products were much brighter, crisp, and truer to the look of the actual product. It certainly adds a lot of credibilities when consumers can see consistent, clear product images.

The Result

Thanks to Pro Photo Studio Think’s overall growth over the last decade has been enormous.
It would be difficult to generate a percentage increase in sales. But there
is no question that it elevated the look and feel of our site and our
retailer sites.


While the world is certainly grappling with a new normal and a lot of uncertainty, this should not derail a company’s focus on its own identity, if anything now is the time to really take a deep look at your company, it’s operations, it’s value to the world, your involvement in making the world a better place and the story that you want to tell.

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