Why Britney Spears Ex-Photographer, Tsour Lee is Partnering With Shopify, the E-Commerce Platform Giant?

Product Photography Studio is the commercial Photography studio of Products and Celebrity photographer Tsour Lee. As part of the Professional Photography Inc umbrella network, NY-based Product Photography Studio will be partnering with Shopify the giant E-commerce platform to provide their clients with high-quality images at a fair market price. 

Shopify has become one of the top E-commerce platforms in the world with over 234,000 online stores and $14 billion in revenue. This technology powerhouse provides more than instant E-commerce websites, it has developed training and partner programs to get its clients the visibility and reach they require to be successful.   

The Shopify brand is that of quality and affordability.  Product Photography Studio is now part of their partner program to provide high-end photography services at affordable prices. 

“We are happy to be working with Shopify,” says Product Photography Studio owner and photographer Tsour Lee. “This is a company that stands by its partners and guarantees quality for its customers.  This is why it is such an honor to be working with them because I know that any studio associated with Shopify is a ‘best of breed’ and committed to excellence.”

Shopify photography experts are selected from among the best in the world, and are designated by Shopify as photographic experts that can build a “…beautiful, professional online catalog that makes your products shine.”   Each of the studios chosen has a unique capacity to produce the type of high-end photographs which catch the eye and entice shoppers.  

Lee Adato brings a decade of experience working with the fashion and entertainment industry to the mix.  Being able to provide a level of sophistication and elegance to product photography is a key component in establishing a quality brand and producing a subconscious layer of trust. 

 “Something beautiful to the eye always conveys quality to the consumer,” says Lee Adato.  “Being able to create for my clients the type of upscale photos that I once produced for fashion magazines sets both my brand and their store apart from the pack.  That makes me really happy.”

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