7 Tips for Great eCommerce Social Media Photos

7 tips for great ecommerce social media photos

They’re quick, they’re snappy, and they tell us practically everything we need to know in a couple of seconds or less. 

But the power doesn’t purely lie in how social media photos communicate massive quantities of information with a glance. It also lies in how pictures speak truth better and more accurately than text. After all, text can lie to you.

Slick marketing tactics and fancy descriptors can lead you ultimately astray, sell you something off an idea alone. Images can’t do that.

They might make products look a little better in some lighting or lack scale, but they’re more reliable than any other tool. 

That makes them something consumers highly value and something you, as a business and brand, should put significant effort into.

Want a helping hand to put you on the right track? Read along for seven tips that’ll elevate your eCommerce social media photos and take them from passable and great.

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There’s that old saying: a picture’s worth a thousand words, and as cliched as it truly is, it’s also not too far off the mark.

People, especially in the age where Instagram reigns supreme and attention spans last about as long as the Vines of old rely on them when going through the decision process.

1. Opt for a White Background

7 tips for great ecommerce social media photos

Now, let’s get this straight out of the way right now. We fully support being individual, unique. Some of, if not most, of the very best small businesses and major brands alike got there because they weren’t afraid to be different.

But there are some spaces where a more conservative approach is a clever move.

Photo backgrounds count among them. The ideal choice is a simple, clean white background product images one rather than something patterned or colorful.

It serves as the perfect base, minimizing distractions and working for any products you can throw its way. It also shows off more detail which allows customers to make more informed decisions.

2. Keep Editing in Mind During Shooting

Mistakes are bound to happen whenever you’re shooting, and things will inevitably just need to be tweaked in post-production.

That’s simply how social media photography works. Editing is an inevitability. However, you shouldn’t throw caution to the wind just because of this. Sloppy camerawork or careless mistakes cost you time and energy down the line.

Plus, there’s only so far that editing can go, only so much it can make up for. Avoid this by keeping editing in mind during the shoot. You want post-production work to be small touch-ups rather than big changes. Easier for you, easier for your team, and more efficient. 

3. Take Inspiration from Others

Imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery. We wouldn’t necessarily go that far here (after all, the lines between imitation and flat-out stealing are really blurred and problematic when business is involved).

Although, taking inspiration from other small businesses and brands you love and finding ways to implement similar techniques or themes within your own eCommerce social media photos?

That only does your business even better, building up a solid brand identity you and your customers will adore. 

4. Put Your Products in Context


So, what exactly is the point of product photographs? Well, part of it is to display your catalog and get some more bills in your wallet – sure.

But there’s a deeper aspect to that. They’re there to help customers see how your products can fit into their lives.

Product photos can make them envision what that could look like in their homes, closets, and more.

Embrace this and put your products in context. Set up the usual product photo suspects but ensure you also have some that show your offerings in action.

For example, clothing companies should show their clothes on models, and furniture stores should display their couches in living room settings. 

5. Don’t Skimp on the Product Descriptions

We know. This doesn’t have anything to do with your social media photos themselves. Although product descriptions are still integral to the whole thing, working to explain your images further and bolster a consumer’s first impressions.

You should, in turn, devote yourself to honing these to the best of your ability. Please don’t skimp on them. Be thorough and be, well, descriptive.

More information is always more welcome than less, and your conversion rates, return rates, and overall customer engagement will prove that true. 

7. Stay Consistent

Social media and your eCommerce photographs share a lot in common besides just each other. The primary thing is that the success of both stems from consistency.

Only post sporadically? Don’t interact with others regularly on the platform? Have a disjointed brand image? Are product images too varied for comfort?

These all lead to dips in performance and only pick up again once you commit yourself to how you’re branding and when you’re posting.

Take that as a lesson. Consistency truly is key. Carry that on over to your social media photos. Edit them the same, maintain your lighting, and display your products in a way you can replicate with little issue.

The results will be much crisper and look much more professional, bringing good things your way. 

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