Our Best Customer Acquisition Strategies of 2021

With so many online stores to compete with in 2021, it is important for all online stores to build the essential tools to acquire customers and encourage repeat business.

For years, online shopping has been an up-and-coming craze. Now, it looks like more and more people are choosing the convenience of purchasing from online stores.

The pandemic of 2020 kept many customers in their homes where online shopping became more of a habit. Even as more brick-and-mortar stores are opening their doors, shoppers are choosing to stick with online shopping. Here are our top best customer acquisition strategies of 2021

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Social Media is a Must

The time has come when online stores can’t opt out of using social media as an advertising strategy and tool to connect to potential buyers.

As social media becomes more of an online norm amongst all generations, more and more customers are heading to store media pages for information, product images, and even deals!

For more information about selling products on social media, you can view our article about selling products on Instagram and further engaging an audience.

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Know Your Audience

Take some time to truly consider who your target audience will be for each product you are selling. This knowledge will help guide you in how you present the product to the online world.

For example, a pair of stylish golden safety pin earrings targeted for young adults and teenagers should probably not be photographed with an elderly woman as the model. In fact, it would probably sell better if a member of your target audience modeled the jewelry!

Everyone Loves a Good Deal

Find a way to cut your customers a good deal. Whether you offer 10% off to first-time buyers or free shipping for those who spend $50 on your website, a deal can go a long way in encouraging people to purchase and return to your website for more items!

Keep in mind, offering a deal to your potential buyers does not mean that you have to take a huge hit or loss. Brainstorm creative ways you can offer a good deal while still making money.

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Great Product Photography

Taking quality product photography images, or hiring someone to do so, is the best way you can entice your customers to make a purchase. As online shoppers, your buyers can’t hold or feel the product before they make a purchase.

For this reason, and more, it is vital that you invest in great images of your products to give your customers a clear view of what they could purchase!

Concluding Thoughts

Get to know your target audience, and enhance your customer connections by engaging with potential buyers on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook.

Providing great customer service is one of the best ways to encourage first time and repeat business. View our article about building relationships with customers for more tips on improving sales!

if you’re looking to increase your online conversion but still feel you are not sure where to start – check out these resources below:

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