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Looking for top-notch product photography in Denver? From eCommerce photography to lifestyle scenes - Pro Photo Studios is your go-to solution!

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product photography denver co
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Looking for top-notch product photography in Denver? From eCommerce photography to lifestyle scenes – Pro Photo Studios is your go-to solution!


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Ship or deliver your products directly to our studio for professional photoshoot.

High-end cameras delivers Large stills, perfect for versatile, sharp imagery in both digital and print formats


“Outstanding service for our book series product shots. High-quality, well-priced, and prompt. Attentive and collaborative to meet our needs.”

“Top-quality photography and style, all while being a pleasure to work with. Here is glimpse of the creative work done for the Invicta Fragrance collection.”

“Exceptional product photography; captured our skincare line perfectly for Amazon. Quick, communicative, elevated our content. Highly recommend for professionalism!”

Welcome to Product Photography Denver

We understand that exceptional product photography shouldn’t be a financial burden. That’s why our pricing at Pro Photo Studios starts at just $49/photo. This is just a fraction of what you’d typically pay for traditional creative production.

Pro Photo Studios vs. DIY Options

Choosing Pro Photo Studios for your product photography needs is a wise and economical decision. With a lower average spend super fast turnaround time, we provide an array of pricing options covering everything required for superior photos and videos. 

You gain access to professional photographers, editors, models, stylists, and a fully-equipped studio, complete with all necessary gear, props, and backdrops. In comparison, DIY photography can be far more costly and time-consuming, often resulting in subpar quality.


Superior images clarify numerous queries for clients. They reveal the product’s appearance and its intended use.


In eCommerce, with numerous competitors offering similar products, exceptional photography is vital for your success.


Aiming to maximize your savings and ensure significant ROI, we provide affordable rates. Contact Pro Photo Studios now!

product photography denver co
Product photography denver

Pro Photo Studios vs. Agency Pricing

Agency options can be prohibitively expensive and slow. Agencies might charge around $20k with a 4-month turnaround, and you’d still need to source your own talent and resources. On the contrary, Pro Photo Studios offers a comprehensive, hassle-free service at a fraction of the cost and time, ensuring your products are showcased perfectly.

Pro Photo Studios vs. Friend of a Friend Pricing
Relying on a friend of a friend for product photography can be risky and unreliable, potentially costing $5k with a 2-month turnaround. Instead, Pro Photo Studios guarantees professional standards, efficiency, and reliability, saving you time and uncertainty.

Pro Photo Studios vs. Local Freelance Photographers
While local photographers may charge between $75 to $250 per hour, excluding additional costs, Pro Photo Studios offers affordable, high-quality product photography. With studios in various U.S. cities and virtual shoot capabilities, we provide fast, inclusive services for every need.

Product Photography in Denver

As a specialized product photography and video production studio, Pro Photo Studios in Denver creates outstanding content for eCommerce businesses. 

Our combination of exceptional photography skills and advanced graphic art ensures your brand stands out. Our attention to detail, from initial shot to final retouching, is unparalleled, guaranteeing imagery that enhances your brand and boosts product sales.

Why Choose Pro Photo Studios
Clients choose us for our proven track record since 2012, working with both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Our expertise and commitment to continuous improvement in both technology and skills make us a reliable partner in your commercial success.

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product photography denver co

Clothing Photography

Marketing apparel online can be challenging. Shoppers often prefer visiting physical stores for fashion purchases, where they can try on garments and gauge their fit and appearance firsthand.

However, your online customers can enjoy similar benefits through professional photography. High-quality images offer a comprehensive understanding of the clothing’s look and fit, all from the comfort of their home. Our specialized apparel photography services include:

Garment Preparation – Expert stylists meticulously prepare each piece of clothing, ensuring they are wrinkle-free and perfectly presented.

Ghost Mannequin Photography – Garments are fitted onto a mannequin and photographed from various angles. We then expertly remove the mannequin from the final images, offering a clear, focused view of the clothing.

Innovative Techniques – We employ advanced photography methods, including specialized lighting and framing, to showcase your apparel in the most flattering manner.

Detailed Retouching – Post-photography, we retouch each image to remove any minor imperfections or creases. The result is a polished photograph that provides your customers with a true sense of the garment’s fit and style.

Jewelry Photography

As a jewelry seller, you understand the importance of presentation. Selecting the right jewelry photographer is crucial. Even the most exquisite jewelry can lose its allure if not showcased properly. Ensure your meticulously crafted jewelry receives the attention it deserves. Achieving a high-quality photograph involves several key elements.

Initially, our team ensures a pristine background. Our seasoned photographers carefully select a backdrop that complements, not competes with, your jewelry’s beauty. They experiment with various lighting settings to capture different facets of your pieces. 

Following the shoot, one of our skilled photographers meticulously crops and refines the images, presenting the final polished product. It’s essential that your photos crisply capture the brilliance and sparkle of your jewelry. Reach out to Pro Photo Studios for exceptional jewelry photography.


Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is an essential tool for promoting and selling products or services, applicable both online and offline. It’s versatile, capable of highlighting various aspects of what you’re offering. One key aspect it can accentuate is the product’s style.

In commercial photography, the quality of the photograph is paramount. The image needs to effectively communicate the product’s size, texture, and overall appearance. 

A specific category within this field is known as “action photography.” At Pro Photo Studios, we specialize in delivering top-tier action shots. These images allow customers to visualize how your product operates and appears in real-world scenarios, enhancing their understanding of its functionality and use.

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