Each session includes one reshoot and two graphic revisions. We only carry out reshoots if we did not follow your instructions. Clear communications are very important to us. If we come back and ask questions after receiving your project or assignment, it is because we like to get everything right from the start.

As far as edits go, we only communicate them via email. If you need to ask us to edit, please send any instructions by email.

Revisions for reshoots are available for up to four days after delivery. Retouching revisions are available for a time period of 10 days from the delivery date of the images.

Free revisions include photos that did not follow instructions such as the requested angles. Color matching issues and image size reductions. We also offer free revisions for size, colors, opacity, and reflections.

Paid Revisions:

  • Changes of angles
  • Layout, compositions, and props
  • Expired client timeline
  • Flatlay shooting or other change of shooting style
  • Retouching style
  • Reflection style
  • Change from studio sets to lifestyle

If you gave us creative control and then want the images changed, we reserve the right to charge for this.

Top Tip: Be as clear as possible when you first send the project to us.

At Professional Photography, INC., we understand the importance of perfection in every image we deliver. To ensure your complete satisfaction with our custom photography services, we offer up to two rounds of revisions for editing. This policy is designed to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that we are committed to refining and perfecting your images according to your specific requirements.

Our Revision and Editing Process:

  • Initial Delivery: After the initial photoshoot, we will provide you with the photographs for your review.

  • First Revision: If you find aspects of the images that need adjustments, please inform us. We will make the necessary edits to align the images more closely with your vision.

  • Second Revision: If further refinements are needed after the first round of edits, we are happy to undertake a second round of revisions to ensure the images meet your expectations.

Please Note:

  • Our revision policy is limited to two rounds of edits. This is to ensure a timely delivery while maintaining the high-quality standards of our work.

  • Revisions are focused on editing and post-production adjustments. They do not include reshoots or major alterations that deviate significantly from the original brief or the instructions provided during the ordering process.

  • It’s essential that you provide detailed feedback during each revision phase to help us make the precise changes you desire.

  • Any requests for revisions should be communicated within 30 days of the initial image delivery. This timeframe ensures that your project remains a priority for our team and helps in maintaining an efficient workflow.

At Professional Photography, INC., we strive to deliver images that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our revision policy is a testament to our dedication to client satisfaction, ensuring that every detail of your photographic vision is captured and presented to its fullest potential.

Just like other businesses, we have general policies we like to follow. We call them our studio policies.

One of the most important of our studio policies is to create a better understanding of product photography and how it can help your business.

The ordering process is important to us. We have put together a unique order form which makes it easy for clients to order from us. It has plenty of space for additional information.

We are approachable. If you need advice or creative guidance, we are only a phone call or an email away. Lots of questions are answered in our FAQ, but we know unique case scenarios occur. When you need to contact us, don’t hesitate to do so.

When guidance and advice are not provided, the photographer reasonable for the session will use his or her own creative experience. So far, none of our clients has been disappointed with our creative ideas.

A photograph normally starts in the mind. It is not always easy to transfer ideas from the creative part of our brain to an order form. If you like, you can create a sample image. Using a smartphone is absolutely fine. It will give us an idea of what end result you need for your product.

Asking for a quote or estimate is absolutely fine. Bulk orders are one of our premier services. As a product photography studio, we produce a lot of bulk orders

We can’t accept responsibility for damaged parcels or products lost in transit. When you send your products to us, please make sure you use a responsible shipping and delivery service.

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