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Casual models

Pro Photo Studio is always looking for real people who enjoy being the star and in front of the camera to model our clients’ products.  We use real people and love models who are authentically themselves with big personalities and play well with others.

Models bring our clients’ products to life in pictures and on video so in addition to being comfortable in front of the camera you should be able to speak on camera as well.

Are you a good candidate? 

  • Are you positive and easy to work with?
  • Will you be a positive representative of Pro Photo Studio?
  • Do you work well with and take direction from others including our photographers, stylists, clients and other people on set?
  • Do you keep yourself clean and well groomed?
  • Are you reliable and able to work with our studio manager to coordinate the timing of the photo shoot and when you will be needed on set?
  • Can you pose with other models, and pets as well as products and props including food, cosmetics, clothing and a variety of other products to achieve the photos and videos needed?
  • Are you comfortable in front of the camera showing your face, body, hands and feet?


  •  $20 per hour hand & foot modeling
  • $50/ hour full body models


The availability for Pro Photo casual models should be between 1 hour to 4 hours.

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