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Stylists bring our client and photographer’s visions to life. 

Everyday styling,  props, food, clothing.


Are you a good candidate?

  • Do you work well with photographers, clients, models and even pets to achieve the photos and videos needed?
  • Are you reliable and able to work with our studio manager to coordinate the timing of the photo shoot and when you will be needed on set?
  • Can you happily follow direction from the photographer, client or other people on set?
  • Do you have experience assembling props, products or furniture, food styling and styling clothing and accessories on people and pets?
  • Will you happily assist the photographer, client and others on set to keep the set clean, organized and running smoothly?
  • Can you style unique and creative product shots?
  • Are you able to translate the client or photographers vision and bring it to life?


  • $50/ hour


The availability for Pro Photo stylists should be between 1 hour to 4 hours depends on the photoshoot.

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