Best Instagram Hacks for Travel Bloggers to Boost their Audience Reach and Engagement Levels


With travel Instagram accounts gaining popularity, it seems businesses and bloggers are expecting to take their branding to the next level. You too can boost your travel blog by sharing jaw-dropping images and videos on this platform to garner likes, comments, loyal following, and eventually sales.

You can capture the essence of an exotic location through Instagram visuals and make your travel content pop so that you can reach out to businesses, followers, and influencers.

According to an article published on the Wordstream website, most travel agencies like to reach out to new customers and gain more followers. So if you would like to achieve your social media marketing goal, keep your Instagram feed cohesive and appealing to your audience. Here are some of the best Instagram tips and tricks for you to boost your follower count and engagement level:

Tag and follow businesses and influencers in your region

The use of branded hashtags makes your IG content get noticed and so do tagging influencers, places, and businesses in your region. When you tag other travel bloggers in your stunning travel images, you can benefit from a re-post from the other bloggers. It is as simple as that. When you had an awesome continental dinner at a local bistro, stayed in a resort, tag them in your Instagram images. Businesses like to display customer content and users depend on genuine persons to understand what is worth the effort.

Tag influencers too or famous regional IG profiles provided you have certain things in common. This way, your IG content will not only appear when users view images of that profile but may also reach out to some influencer to help you take your travel blog to the next level. Spend some time researching local writers to cover the area, local businesses, and local publications. You will need to keep your content in line with the type of photos or videos the influencers love to share.

Geotag your IG posts and stories

When you include a location to your Instagram content, it benefits followers as well as lead to content discovery because that post will show up when a user is looking for content tagged with that specific location.

A roundup slideshow of the preferred shots could appeal to a whole area or location when you tag particular businesses in that city. It may give you a small reach but you can connect with a more niche audience, no doubt. With appropriate tagging and content discovery, expect to get comments on Instagram in less time.

When you create Instagram content for a business or brand, geotagging will let you connect to your audience that will convert them to loyal customers.

Capture the essence of a location using colors

Use the best color palettes depending on your background image. It will help you take the doubt out of creating graphics and help to capture the true spirit or vibe of the location you are highlighting in your travel blog or the place you have just visited.

There are several tools to create color palettes and color cohesion on your IG feed for the places you travel or highlight in your travel blog. The use of color palettes is a great branding effort as well. You can highlight your brand colors through your preferred vacation.

Use the combination of generic and regional hashtags


Instagram hashtags help your content more discoverable to increase follower count, provided you know the use of IG hashtags. When you have an Instagram travel blog, include both generic and regional hashtags.

Generic travel-based hashtags for reaching out to people who show interest in general travel experiences. Some of the hashtags are #travel, #instatravel, , #travelblogger, #tourism, etc.

Use regional IG hashtags to connect to people who look for local restaurants to dine in or some activities they want to try. Use city names, slogans, or monikers in your regional hashtags to connect to a more targeted marketing Instagram audience.

Hashtags for connecting with the top influencers on Instagram. These include top travel-based publications such as National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler, Afar, etc. All of them use branded hashtags and if you use them in your posts, traditional media businesses can pick your content.

Brand your Instagram images

You would like to share your content extensively on Instagram and ensure that people understand that it is you. You can do so by adding a subtle signature on your IG images or including your IG handle for effective branding. Place your signature in strategic spots on your photos to place yourself creatively in the sceneries you would like to capture. Though this technique may not work for all, it is the best way to create a one-off style.


Use these tips and tricks to boost your travel blog, improve audience reach, and of course take enhance user engagement levels. Your likes, followers, and comments will increase if you put in some effort and hard work.

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