5 eCommerce Marketing Ideas to Follow in 2021

5 ecommerce marketing ideas to follow in 2021

The goal of every online store in today’s time is to augment conversions and traffic. But sometimes, when the store owners put all their resources into shaping a basic strategy, they find it challenging to decide the correct marketing tactics. Curating and implementing the right eCommerce marketing ideas is paramount today, especially when the competition is so high. Your quest for effective marketing strategies might end with a sound digital marketing consultancy.

Here we are penning down an introduction of effective eCommerce tools and marketing strategies for implementing every approach seamlessly. Figuring out the most suitable tactic for driving new sales is vital. Stay tuned.

Here are top eCommerce Marketing Ideas to Follow in 2021

Let us go through a quick revision first for learning what is eCommerce marketing? It is the practice of employing promotional tactics for driving traffic to online stores.

It converts that traffic into buying customers, and the aim is customer retention post-purchase. An all-inclusive marketing strategy comprises marketing tactics both off and on the website. It can help in developing brand awareness, enhance online sales and drive consumer loyalty. Try out some practical ideas as mentioned below:

  1. Product Upselling: When a website owner sells a product that is a bit premium than what the customer was anticipating, this is known as upselling. It can be pretty effective when compared to obtaining a net new consumer for several businesses. Many times customers are not familiar with concepts like a premium product. For instance, when one of your brand’s products carries a little better leather, you must focus on the difference and inquire in the correct places so that the customer learns that he can upgrade as well. When you are trying to upsell for enhancing sales, take these two vital considerations:
  • Always be sensitive to the expected price range of the customers.
  • Ensure that the upsells are connected to the original product

The product must fit the initial needs of the customer, and a higher price range might not excite them once they carry the anchor price in their mind. It is one of the best marketing ideas for commerce that you can apply. Take help from the best digital marketing consultancy if you do not know where to start.


  1. Integrate Instagram: If you want to know how to promote an eCommerce website, then take note of this point. Instagram witnesses 500+ million active users every day, making it the fastest-growing application connecting influencers, brands, and consumers. You can develop a massive Instagram following of users who might show interest in your services or products. The way is to take compelling optimized photos, utilize the hashtags strategically and post at the correct time and you are all set. To master the organic presence of your brand, it is crucial to engage with the followers.

So what are the ways of engaging with the audience on this social platform? You can either go behind the scenes or run contests for displaying the product development procedure. Paying for playing on Instagram is also possible.

For an eCommerce marketing strategy, you can also add products to Instagram stories and posts that offer a direct channel to the followers for purchasing. This is essential for augmenting sales.

  1. Diminish Abandoned Carts: Are you putting together many eCommerce marketing ideas but failing? If you want to change things, then decreasing the rates of abandoned carts is essential. Every time one visitor is abandoning the cart, you are losing money. Here it is vital to address several hesitations directly as people abandoning the carts can be reminded of completing the purchase. You could have compelled them with free shipping or a discount.

One of the best eCommerce marketing ideas here is to decrease the regularity of the abandoned carts with the help of email recovery campaigns. This can convince the visitors to return to your website to complete the original purchase.

Create emails that tempt your site visitors to return for them to understand why they thought of purchasing the products in the first place.

  1. Capturing Email Subscribers: The question of how to promote an eCommerce website is not challenging if you put the right eCommerce marketing ideas into use. One of those ideas is implementing email marketing, as it is an effective channel for making sales. Keeping up with all those Facebook posts and tweets can be challenging for a business. But you can get hands-on a more cherished and friendly interaction with an email. Email offers the space for conveying things that otherwise would not be fitting in a social media post.

The first step at the beginning with email marketing is by promoting the newsletter and blog actively. This is the best way of getting the attention of many subscribers.

  1. Boost the Email Campaigns: Simply capturing a set of email addresses is not enough. It is vital to send valuable and regular emails for that channel to be an impactful eCommerce promotional activity. Some of the occasions that are ideal for sending emails to subscribers are as follows:


  • Offering unique gifts and promo codes
  • Pay gratitude to the high-value customers. For example, you can send customers a personal note expressing their indebtedness for their business.
  • Send customers a welcome email as soon as they are done with their purchase.
  • As you send ongoing newsletters, it can alert the subscribers about the offers and discounts.

 When someone visits your website and never purchased anything, you can ask them how you can enhance their experience.

Moving Forward with the Online Store

Coming to an end, we now have a sizable list of eCommerce marketing ideas that will assist your business in generating more traffic. It will ultimately boost online sales. When you are just stepping into the business world with your startup, things can become messy soon.

Start by taking the plunge with a sound digital marketing consultancy. Let the experts of these companies decide the path for your business. Rely on them and skyrocket the business like never before. Correctly promote your online store with the help of industry experts.

if you’re looking to increase your online conversion but still feel you are not sure where to start – check out these resources below:

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