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Hair and makeup artist

Hair and makeup artists play an integral role in bringing our client and photographer’s visions to life and make clients and models feel confident and excited about the look achieved.

Are you a good candidate?

  • Do you work well with photographers, clients, models and even pets to achieve the photos and videos needed?
  • Are you reliable and able to work with our studio manager to coordinate the timing of the photo shoot and when you will be needed on set?
  • Can you happily follow direction from the photographer, client or other people on set to achieve the desired hair and makeup look?
  • Do you have experience assembling props, products or furniture, food styling and styling clothing and accessories on people and pets?
  • Will you happily assist the photographer, client and others on set to keep the set clean, organized and running smoothly?
  • Can you style unique and creative product shots?
  • Are you able to translate the client or photographers vision and bring it to life?
  • Do you understand design style and color palettes?
  • Are you comfortable and able to work with women and men of all ages and backgrounds?
  • Do you have your own tools and supplies?
  • Are you able to create hair and makeup looks under time constraints?
  • Can you provide creative input and expertise in order to improve on and achieve the desired look?
  • Are you able to bring a client or photographer’s vision to life?



  •  $50 per hour


The availability for Pro Photo hair & Makeup artist  should be between 1 hour to 4 hours.

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