Frequently asked questions

When you need art director or stylist services, we only work with the best. Showing your products in their best “light” is what product photography is all about. On occasion, we work together with art directors and stylists to enhance a product photography session.

If you have any special style in mind, please feel free to discuss it with us.

Are styling services free? Styling services are not included in the price. Fees do vary, but what you need to know is that stylists are present throughout the shoot. Most stylists charge a fee of at least $850 per day plus time for buying any props needed. Props are also charged as an add-on.

We always look after our clients’ products. At the same time, we appreciate that accidents can happen.

If a product is lost or damaged, we accept full responsibility and take care of everything. As a professional product photography service, we are fully insured. Looking after our clients and their products is important to us.

Should a product become damaged, our policy is to issue a refund equal to the price of the product.

Just as a note, we like to point out that we are not responsible for products that have not reached us This is why we confirm we have received your products.

Every product and image is unique. It is important to understand both the product and the brand. When you are not sure, we are more than happy to come up with suggestions and ideas.

If you are new to product photography, we have the experience and the best product photography ideas to make the most out of your project.

Yes, we do. Once again this is something we discuss with our clients before we set up the shoot and start snapping away.

Colors have a huge impact on products and backgrounds. It is important to set the right mood for the shoot if you know what we mean.

When we take on the assignment, we provide detailed information on how your product is going to be photographed. The right background is an essential part of the project – it should enhance the product or products.

Both white and black backgrounds are popular, but we can also help you with different colored solid backgrounds, reflective or shadow.

If we followed your instructions, and you don’t like the photos, please feel free to tell us. When it comes to reshoots, we try to be flexible as much as we can. 

It is important to us that you like the images and you think the photos represent your product in the right way.

Most of the time, we don’t experience any problems. Clear communications are important. Our order form makes it easy for you to communicate your requirements. In addition, you can send us an email.

We definitely can! There are many occasions when using models is right. If you would like to use models, please feel free to discuss the concept with us.

We work with selected models that offer us excellent service. There is an extra cost involved when we work with a model. Models normally charge per hour. The cost of models forms part of your final bill, but we also ask for a deposit of modeling fees.

We do have a minimum image policy when it comes to working with models.

We believe in quality and set our own high standards.

Standard images are delivered in high resolution 300 DPI and 2000 x  2000 pixels. The product shape is important, and the longest white space is 3000 pixels.

We are famous for our hero shots. Before cropping, they measure 7360 x 4912 and are delivered in TIFF and JPG format.

Images are delivered via our private hosting server. When your assignment is completed, we send you a unique link. The system is easy to use. If you need assistance, we are more than happy to talk you through the process.

The photographs are licensed to you on a royalty-free basis to be used how you see fit. Like so many other photo studios, we retain the right for the images not to be sold to a third party without our written permission.

The time it takes to complete a product depends on the details. Don’t forget we need to both plan and set up the shoot and studio. We may even have to get props to add that special touch to your products.

Only when we are happy that we have created the right studio conditions, do we start shooting. You need to factor in post-production as well.

We know that most of our clients would like both fast and excellent results. Yes, we try to be as quick as possible, but at the same time, we would like your photographs to look amazing. Our aim is to have your product photography project delivered to you within 5 -7 business days.

When you place an order or make an inquiry, we will give a guideline and an estimate of the length of time it is going to take. During the process, we will do our best to keep in touch with you.

What about rush orders? Yes, we can help. When it comes to rush orders, we work on two time scales. If you need an order in a hurry, you have a choice of 24-hours delivery and 48- hours delivery.

Before you place a rush order with us, we would ask that you contact us. Yes, we like to fit in rush orders, but sometimes it is not feasible. To us, it is always more important to do a good job rather than do a rush job.

We do provide lifestyle images, the cost of lifestyle image depends on many factors such as
  • type of product
  • Type off setting needed
  • In studio or on location
  • what type of props needed
  • action shot or just a product shot
  • do you need a live model 
To get more accurate quote we always recommend our existing and new clients to email us few competitor image references of what they want to achieve, and few images ( even with their cell phone) of the actual products.

Many of our clients trust us with their bulk orders. If you have many products requiring images, we are happy to help.

When this is the case, contacting us beforehand is a good idea. That way, we get an idea of the scale of the project and know what products we are going to be working with.

A clipping path is almost like a green screen effect. It is a trail which follows your images – a bit like the Yellow Brick Road from the Wizard of Oz. Clipping paths are useful when you want your photos to be used in print including magazines and catalogues. Also great for website images.

We can create a clipping path at an additional cost. Please feel free to ask.


This is an important aspect of promoting products and driving your business forward Photos and Videos from Pro Photo Studio can be used for social media marketing. Just let us know before so we can match the right format.

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