360 Product Photography

New York NY , April 11, 2016

360 Product Photography

New York Photography Studio Turns It Up…and Around
Product Photography Studio is the home of high fashion and commercial photographer Tsour Lee Adato. The studio marks a new path for Lee Adato as a product photographer. He is now offering affordable 360 product photography for E -Commerce clients and other online stores.

Why opt for 360 Product imagery?

360 photography has become one of the most popular ways of showcasing real estate and other luxury items. In these markets 360 photography has become expected. Until recently the cost of high quality 360 photography was prohibitive for other types of products. Thanks to the changes in technology and photographers who have mastered the art form, 360 photography has become a more affordable solution that can be used to feature everyday online products and raise the profile of the item. Tsour Lee Adato’s Product Photography Studio now offers affordable, top quality 360 photography for products.
“One of the key attributes of 360 photography has always been that subliminal message that the item being photographed is one of high quality,” says Lee Adato. “One reason is that this style of photography has been used in the past to photograph big ticket items. When we do 360 photography of a pair of shoes or a grill, we are subconsciously demonstrating to potential buyers that this item is so flawless and gorgeous to look at that we’re proud to show all sides of the item. It really raises the profile of the item.”
Lee Adato has had a well-publicized career in entertainment photography.

Pro Photo Studio

After spending years working with large brands and recognized fashion periodicals, Lee Adato made a choice to expand the scope of photography work into commercial areas. The idea behind Product Photography Studio was to deliver editorial photos, E-commerce, product portraits and other commercial works. Photographic art at a level which would be affordable for small and mid-sized businesses. Using high-end techniques like 360 photography. This enables a small business to appear to consumers like a stable developed brand. This helps to increase consumer confidence and sales.